How to clean and polish silver

Do you own some fantastic silver jewelry? For sure it would look very beautiful and sparkle when you bought it, but after a period of time it became black and dull. Sterling silver is easy to develop tarnish when it’s exposed to air and other chemicals. So what do you do to make it like new? Apparently, you could find professional cleaner for polishing silver, and usually it only takes seconds to remove the stain. But it will be a waste of money when you could use some common household products to do it. And they are safe; they won’t hurt your hands. There are several methods to help you to buff silver.

Dish cleaner.
1. Put silver in the warm water and add some mild dish cleaner.
2. Hand washing softly.
3. Dry it with soft kitchen towel or cotton cloth.

Lemon juice or baking soda
Actually it’s a little bit dangerous to use lemon juice or baking soda because they are too strong for silver cleaning. If you don’t mind to take a risk of damage your silver jewelry, you can give it a shot. The steps are the same as dish cleaner.

You could not image that toothpaste could be the perfect cleaner as some professional silver polish products. It really works!

1. Choose toothpaste without any whitening options.
2. Put some toothpaste on your silver jewelry and rub it with a piece of cotton cloth gently.
3. Rinse off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

Other tips
Put silver into Coke for 12 hours to let the stains dissolve; Polish silver with cotton cloth and then dry it.

Lip stick:
Rub lip stick all over your silver jewelry, then risen off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

So right now your silver looks fabulous with the perfect luster, and to keep your silver clean to retain its shining longer we should store silver correctly.

1. Avoid touching rubber, stainless steel, or paint. Because rubber contains sulfur, which is the enemy of silver.
2. Avoid exposing silver a period time to food like eggs, which are high in sulfur.

Keep it dry, when silver get wet, some chemicals in the air are easily to attach to the surface of silver and corrode it.

Although you could store carefully, still, you need to clean and polish silver frequently just like everyday you wash your face. And do not wear silver jewelry in swimming pool; the chlorine could destroy it easily.

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