How to Take Care of Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia is considered to be the best man-made diamond for jewelry on the market today. Since coming to the 1830s, diamonds has been a favorite of stones for jewelry. Not everyone can afford to buy diamonds because of the expensive price.

Many ladies wear cubic zirconia jewelry, also called CZ jewelry, such as CZ earrings, CZ necklaces, etc. Cubic zirconia can be worn everyday without any damaging effects when it is set in gold or sterling silver. However, it also have the exceptions.

Make-up, face and body powder and lotions could cause the shine of the cubic zirconia to dull. So remove your cubic zirconia jewelry before wearing any of these products. Place your cubic zirconia jewelry with a soft cotton towel.

We will wear different cubic zirconia jewelry because of various projects and responsibilities from different business. It is not uncommon for the cleaning of our jewelry to slip through the cracks. All jewelry requires regular cleaning. Proper care will help to maintain their beauty. So, set your cubic zirconia jewelry aside one day a week, every two weeks, or every month to clean all your jewelry. The results will surprise you, and you won't have to worry about what condition they will be in when you choose them to wear for a special occasion.

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plumb said...

that's why my CZ has become dull.. How do i restore its shine?