How to Wear Cuff Bracelet

Big, bold bracelets are the way to go this season, as featured on the runways of many top designers and the wrists of everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Victoria Beckham. From hammered metal to bright contrasting colors, the cuff is the "it look" of the moment.
Cuff braceletCuffs can be worn a variety of ways. They can be stacked, mismatched, used as a signature piece or worn on both arms for maximum impact. Let's explore some of the different ways that cuff bracelets can be worn.

More is More – With cuff bracelets, or bangles, it's okay to pile them on. Stack three right on top of each other for dramatic effect. This creates a strong look that is guaranteed to get you noticed. Usually bulkiness is shied away from, but with cuffs, it's all the rage.

Mix and Match – Wear cuffs with other pieces, such as slim wire bracelets or a signature cocktail ring on the opposite hand to balance your look. Try different colors, textures and styles to bring an eclectic mix to your outfit.

Angles Please – Geometric shaped cuffs in the shape of squares have once again found their way onto this season's list of "Do's". Wear a funky cuff in a bright neon color to give a new spin to a basic outfit. Lime green, bright pink and electric blue can work wonders for an all black ensemble.

All About Fabric – Though traditional cuffs look great in sterling silver or Lucite, ethnic bracelets use beautiful beads, soft suede and leather cord to achieve an authentic worldly look. Play around with a variety of textures to complement a peasant blouse or basic t-shirt and jeans.

Big is Beautiful – Invest in some glam with a gorgeous oversize floral cuff. This is a great way to add interest and try the latest trend, without breaking the bank.
Cuff braceletsHowever you choose to wear them, cuffs can help you to achieve fashion greatness, one beautiful bangle at a time.


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