Earrings for Your Face Shape

There are few women having perfect face shape, many ladies may think of changing hair style to make them look great. However, that might take you a long time to do your hair and sometimes the final looking is a disaster. Do you believe that wearing a pair of earrings could flatter your face shape?

Face shape-Oval face: This is the ideal face shape, and actually, many kinds of earrings could go for this kind of face perfectly. You can try some sterling silver earrings.
Steer clear: To avoid sporting a too-long face, don't wear incredibly long shapes that will just pull you down.

Face shape-Round face: Ladies who have round face for sure want to make their face look slimmer, and the long length earrings are really helpful.Steer clear: circular earrings, such as hoops, as well as tiny studs and button earrings.

Face shape-Heart face: To balance the wide forehead you should wear Chandelier and teardrop earrings.Steer clear: earrings that have the same shape as your face, like heart-shaped hoops. Avoid wearing very short earrings.

Face shape-Square face: If you want to soft the strong angel of your face, you should wear circular earrings, such as hoops.

Face shape-Steer clear: square, rectangular or harshly angled earrings that echo your face shape.Have strong interesting about earrings? Come to emitations.com to find your favorite.

Do you know the function of the silver Jewelry?

Do you find more and more fashionable girl like wear a variety style of silver jewelry-silver earring, rings, and necklaces in the streets? Silver has become the most pet accessories for girls because it’s simple, light, personality. And compared to the bulky old-fashioned silver jewelry, today's silver has a different temperament and style, with modern simple fashion; the gentle tide and quiet subtle elegance can be showed with the unique cold light of the silver. As the focus of fashion and personality elegant ladies and their inherent temperament, young women love it very much more and more.

In addition to elegant with wearing beautiful silver jewelry, there are a lot of advantages:

1) Wearing silver jewelry can keep away evil spirits.
2) The effectiveness of health care for us, because silver jewelry in a certain range can generate magnetic fields, releases a large number of silver ions and can stimulate energy.
3) Silver is the best metal of test the toxicity, the human body emit some "toxic" every day and silver jewelry can absorb these "toxins", and this is the reason of some people wear silver can become black.
4) Silver has bactericidal function, ensure water does not degenerate with silver bowl , such as skin ulcer disease can also be painted by daub the silver ion in the ulcer department, will enable the majority of bacteria to dead.
5) Silver can accurately reflect the jewelry wearer's health by jewelry gloss shading.

Steal the Style –Superstars at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards

2009 first huge red carpet event is the Golden Globe which attracts all the fashion editors, photographers, fans, etc. And jewelry is the one never out of fashion. Luxury and fancy jewelry make all the ladies look elegant and noble. You want to be movie star? It's definitely a good chance to see the trend and copy their styles. It's not that difficult to be a star.This year, many actresses chose to show their sexy collarbone, so few of them wore necklaces. However, the few necklaces that were noted were really luxurious. And earrings and bracelets were the most popular adornments.

Beyonce & Eva Mendes

Beyonce: A whopping 200-karat diamond Lorraine Schwartz.
Eva Mendes: Designed by Van Cleef & Arpels, four layers of turquoise stones and diamonds sets.
Kate Winslet: Kate went classic, with teardrop shaped sparklers
Hayden Panettiere: Perfect earrings went well to her face shape.
Evan Rachel Wood: She was looking old before her time, but was wearing amazing earrings that I really, really desired.

Ok it's good to have a look at all the celebrities' jewelry and Congratulations to the 2009 Golden Globe winners! Let's looking forward to the Oscar!

How to clean and polish silver

Do you own some fantastic silver jewelry? For sure it would look very beautiful and sparkle when you bought it, but after a period of time it became black and dull. Sterling silver is easy to develop tarnish when it’s exposed to air and other chemicals. So what do you do to make it like new? Apparently, you could find professional cleaner for polishing silver, and usually it only takes seconds to remove the stain. But it will be a waste of money when you could use some common household products to do it. And they are safe; they won’t hurt your hands. There are several methods to help you to buff silver.

Dish cleaner.
1. Put silver in the warm water and add some mild dish cleaner.
2. Hand washing softly.
3. Dry it with soft kitchen towel or cotton cloth.

Lemon juice or baking soda
Actually it’s a little bit dangerous to use lemon juice or baking soda because they are too strong for silver cleaning. If you don’t mind to take a risk of damage your silver jewelry, you can give it a shot. The steps are the same as dish cleaner.

You could not image that toothpaste could be the perfect cleaner as some professional silver polish products. It really works!

1. Choose toothpaste without any whitening options.
2. Put some toothpaste on your silver jewelry and rub it with a piece of cotton cloth gently.
3. Rinse off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

Other tips
Put silver into Coke for 12 hours to let the stains dissolve; Polish silver with cotton cloth and then dry it.

Lip stick:
Rub lip stick all over your silver jewelry, then risen off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

So right now your silver looks fabulous with the perfect luster, and to keep your silver clean to retain its shining longer we should store silver correctly.

1. Avoid touching rubber, stainless steel, or paint. Because rubber contains sulfur, which is the enemy of silver.
2. Avoid exposing silver a period time to food like eggs, which are high in sulfur.

Keep it dry, when silver get wet, some chemicals in the air are easily to attach to the surface of silver and corrode it.

Although you could store carefully, still, you need to clean and polish silver frequently just like everyday you wash your face. And do not wear silver jewelry in swimming pool; the chlorine could destroy it easily.


Yesterday I attended to my friend Jane's wedding; Jane was very beautiful when wearing a white wedding, red shoes and her face filled with a happy smile. I really envy her! To the most enviable was the HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA CZ necklace, she wear a sky blue CZ necklace in her neck.

She told me "I like it very much! I love it when I see it at the website: www.emitations.com. This is a stunning necklace. This sky blue CZ necklace -reminiscent of the Hope Diamond Necklace- begins with a chain made from marquis cut CZs, linked together with tiny silver loops. These CZs meet front and center, at an impressive 16 carat, oval cut, sky blue CZ. The center stone is bordered by a medley of clear marquis, pear, and cushion cut stones that complete Emitations' HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA-CZ Necklace. The pendant is removable, and has a pin on the back so you can wear it as a brooch. Depending on the lighting, and what's underneath it, it can appear aqua or a deeper, more natural blue hue that more closely resembles the real Hope diamond. 16 inch chains usually choke me, but this one is a looser fit. I love it! ……". So her husband bought it as her birthday present.

I like the HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA CZ necklace and will buy one, because i want to become a beautiful girl!


The whole world is expecting to see what First Lady Michelle Obama will dress up on Inauguration day. Let us design for our First Lady as a temporary designer. We could also VS modern famous designers like Tory Burch, Diane vvon Furstenberg, Donna Karran and more.

Concerning clothing, a blue or lavender night dress could make her shining and match her brown skin well, I think. Besides, she is a tall and good-shaped lady; a long night dress would make her look noble and more charming with civility. No doubt, she was very beautiful in such clothes in former circumstances.


After picking a suitable dress, Let us talk about the jewellery. Shining jewelry will maximize a beautiful lady`s nobleness.From the sight of public, I think the follow jewelry maybe fit our first lady well.


Skin, frame, face are all importing factors attributing to choosing fine jewellery. The ring, earing, and necklace maybe are not the most beautiful and luxury, however, they are the best combination with our first lady.

No one would hide the curiosity of seeing what the historical black first lady will dress up on his husband`s Inauguration day. Different people have different ideas. Different you have different design. But personally, I really want to know what your evaluation of my design is. Also, I will be very appreciating if you tell us what your inspiration is!