Color Symbolism in Jewelry

The next time you decide to deck yourself out in a piece of statement jewelry, think about what type of mood you want to achieve. Here, we examine some of the symbolism behind the color of gemstones.

White – This color represents purity, youth, innocence and hope. It's no wonder that pearls, mother of pearl stones and opal necklaces and jewelry sets are the accessories of choice for brides-to-be, as the color connotation goes hand-in-hand with the new life represented by marriage.

Red – The color of red is striking, bold and energetic. Said to represent love and passion, red stones such as rubies add a burst of excitement to an outfit, when worn as a large pendant necklace or statement cocktail ring.

Purple – This color symbolizes royalty, flamboyance and creativity. For example, the use of a large amethyst stone set in a heavy gold necklace ups the style ante, resulting in a rich and exaggerated burst of color.

Yellow – Thought to be happy and fun, yellow gold bangle bracelets and oversized hoop earrings can be used to boost the mood of any outfit, day or night.

Pink – Candy colored playful pink is flirty and reminiscent of spring flowers. Worn in floral designs, hot pink earrings and cuffs can be feminine, joyful and interesting.

Green – A color that symbolizes nature, spring and the environment, green stones are calming and some would say, considered to be lucky. Beautiful emerald earrings can be striking when paired with basic black, whereas natural cut green beaded necklaces can give off a vacation vibe.

Blue – Considered professional, confident, cool and tranquil, blue gems remind us of the earthly elements of air and water. Blue topaz makes a beautiful necklace when set in sterling silver or platinum.

Brown – Rustic and organic, browns and neutrals can be used to achieve a bohemian vibe when incorporated into wooden bangle bracelets and earrings.


Anonymous said...

What about orange or black?

Anonymous said...

theres no black.... or orange either i don't think

Jewelry Louisiana said...

Thank you for sharing the information about the color symbolism of jewelry. I like symbolism behind the color of gemstones.

925 Designer Silver Jewelry said...

I have heard about it that color affects the mood. I will be great to wear the stone in latest design. said...

I agree. I have seen people who use to loose the temper soon, wear while pearl or stone. It seriously controls the mood.