Jewelry Deals and Steals

Everyone wants to look like a million bucks, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend that much – or even close. CZ jewelry looks just as good as the real, and with the utterly affordable price tag and trendy new designs, there’s no excuse not to be well accessorized this fall.
Unique Setting Sterling Silver and CZ Ring
If you’re getting dolled up for a special occasion, then don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to pull off a look that will “wow”! In fact, CZ jewelry can actually make your outfit look more expensive than it really is. If you’ve got a great dress that fits you like a glove, then stick with the tried and true favorite and add Cubic Zirconia jewelry to compliment your look and highlight your best assets. For example, if you have a great collarbone, then grab a statement necklace that will have all eyes on you.

For daytime 9-to-5 outfits, Cubic Zirconia jewelry can make you look polished and pretty. If you have a plain sheath, sweater set or collared shirt, then adding CZ jewelry can help to complete your look. It’s also great when you want to add a splash of color to classics like black and white.

And if you’re headed out with the girls for a night, Cubic Zirconia jewelry looks great with jeans and t-shirt. It’s this jewelry that will make the look. Focus on your accessories – sparkly bracelets, a shiny clutch, a killer pair of heels and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

CZ jewelry comes in so many different styles and designs, that you won’t have a problem finding something to fit with your sense of fashion. Your best bet is to stick with solid color when pairing with CZ jewelry. This gives you a blank canvas from which you can have a little fun. A little sparkle can go a long way, so add one piece at a time.

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CZ Jewelry Trends For Winter

Just as certain fashion trends make their rounds, coming back “in” style, then fading “out” again, CZ jewelry is hot on the tracks of what’s in and what’s out. Check out our top picks.
Rita's Purple CZ Cocktail Ring
Short Necklaces – After seasons of long stranded necklaces, short necklaces are finally back in the spotlight. It’s still all about making a statement when worn with a strapless or structured top or dress. For your best bet, check out bib necklaces in the form of CZ jewelry. They are fun, fierce and fabulous fashion-forward.

Yellow Gold – For Fall and Winter, it’s all about warm colors. Whether you’re a fan or ruby red, midnight blue or emerald green, look for CZ jewelry with a combination of these rich hues and yellow gold. You’re sure to be a fashion “Do”.

Dark Stones – CZ jewelry with black rhinestones is shaking up the scene this season. It’s a little bit rock and roll and a little bit edgy. But it’s also very versatile and can be worn with many outfits in your closet. Try CZ jewelry like a cocktail ring or a broach with black stones if you want to work this trend into your look.

Tiny Colored Stones – CZ jewelry that is as sweet as candy has captured our attention. From embellished hoop earrings to liven up a sweater to a sculpted ring that shows off your great new manicure, try CZ jewelry if you want to infuse a little color into your day to day look.

Jumbo Jewels – If you’re looking to make a statement, CZ jewelry is still the best way to do it. Go for oversize stones and bold settings to create drama and make an impact. It’s best to save these pieces for after work hours, unless you’re using the piece to anchor your look.

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How to spot a Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia, or CZ, is known as the best substitute for real diamonds. It possesses almost all diamond like qualities and is hard to distinguish from a real diamond by the naked eye. So stunning and brilliant is the appearance of a fine cut CZ that it can even put a real diamond to shame, and conmen around the world have been known to use this to their advantage. However, there are certain characteristic features of CZ and some effective ways of confidently establishing the identity of a CZ.
Champagne Cocktail CZ Ring
1)A Cubic Zirconia appears no different from a real diamond and the difference is very hard to tell for the naked eye. Use a magnifying glass to closely examine. Upon close inspection, one can see that the brilliance and luster of CZ are slightly less than a real diamond.

2)The surface should be carefully and closely examined under a lens to look for signs of corrosion, damage or scratches. Surfaces and facets of CZ are likely to suffer damage due to wear and tear, whereas it is rare in diamonds.

3)Compare the weights of a CZ crystal with a real diamond of exactly the same size and specifications. CZ weighs more than real diamonds when similar volumes are weighed.

4)CZ is manufactured artificially and hence is made free from flaws and has perfect symmetrical cuts, facets and glimmering polish. A real diamond upon close examination reveals that it is not as perfect and is likely to have impurities and flaws as it is naturally occurring and not manufactured by man. Precise cuts like CZ cannot be made upon a diamond and it also lacks the precise symmetry of a CZ.

5)Hold a CZ and a diamond against light. A real diamond will show uneven coloration and is not totally transparent. Impurities and flaws create translucent spots in the body of a diamond. Contrary to this, a CZ is perfectly transparent, mostly colorless, evenly colored and in exotic shades incase of colored CZ and never contains any impurities or blind spots. Also, real diamonds are opaque to x-rays whereas CZ acts just like normal glass.

6)A diamond is the hardest known substance to man. A diamond can withstand tremendous physical pressure and shock, whereas a CZ is likely to turn to powder after a single strike of a hammer.

With these checks, anyone can distinguish between a Cubic Zirconia and a real diamond.

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CZ Jewelry Anytime

Many women wear a watch and a wedding band everyday, so why not wear sparkly jewelry that makes you feel good too? Today, rhinestone CZ jewelry isn’t just worn for events that require an R.S.V.P. Instead, it’s become a day to day fashion phenomenon that stylistas just can’t get enough of. Here, we take a look at some of the different ways that Cubic Zirconia jewelry can be worn, what works, and what doesn’t.

Flashback – Retro or vintage looking Cubic Zirconia jewelry is quite charming, even if it simply looks like it has a “story” behind it. If you like the look, seek out oxidized silver settings that are romantic and just plain pretty.
CZ Jewelry - Cocktail Ring
To the Office – Cubic Zirconia jewelry in the workplace is just fine – if you wear it in moderation. Focus on one key piece like a great necklace, a killer cocktail ring or an oversize broach. Make this the emphasis of your outfit.

For a Hot Date – If you’re getting ready to go out with your guy, go for classic pieces that are fun and colorful. There’s no need to pile it on – as you don’t want to appear high maintenance, or over-accessorized. A few brilliant bangles or a fabulous pendant are both great ways to go.

On the Weekend – If you’ve on the way to a social event like a concert or a club, then by all means, break out the CZ jewelry that you’ve been saving, and wear it with confidence. Turn any little black dress from boring and basic to sexy and chic. Remember, you don’t have to show skin to capture his attention – do it with CZ jewelry instead.
Turtle Cocktail Ring - Cubic Zirconia rings
For a Party – Cubic Zirconia jewelry can turn jeans and a blouse in a fashion forward outfit worthy of getting you on the best dressed list at the party. Break out a favorite pair of earrings or a bold multi-strand bracelets, throw on your favorite heels and grab a clutch – you’ll be ready to go in no time.

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A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia

Have you recently promised your girlfriend or your wife a diamond ring and now just do not know what to do about it? Well do not lose your appetite for this, ages ago our brilliant fathers found a solution for this.

It was in the year of 1892 that a substance was discovered, Cubic Zirconia , in the labs of one such scientist. At that time is was in the discovery state. They were yet trying to yield it completely and in a good state. With constant efforts, they were able to succeed largely and by the year of 1976, they were able to retrieve in a considerable state. With the level of development, Cubic Zirconia was soon being considered as a substitute of diamond in various scientific procedures and it was not long when it was considered for ornamental use as well. It was first amongst the scientists of USSR that it was first produced in a form to be used for commercial use and soon by the 1980; it was produced in huge amounts, around 50 million carats.

The gem was called to be a better diamond, for though its refractive index was less than diamond, its prismatic fire was much higher than it was. It sparkled more than diamond and it was easier to get a‘d’ standard in Cubic Zirconia than in diamond. Diamond was always with some impurity but if you followed the correct process and used the prescribed ingredients, you were bound to get the best quality Cubic Zirconia, something even better than diamond in appearance. Hence, it was widely used in jewelry making and since then has been giving a tough competition to diamond.

As already mentioned it is better than diamond in appearance, you can easily surprise your girlfriend by not only buying her a ring but also a pair of earrings to go with them at a much lesser price. They would be delighted even if you tell them that it is not their ‘coveted’ diamond!
A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia
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Get Gossip Girl Jewelry Style for Less

Love the jewelry style of your favorite East-siders from Gossip Girl? Now you can get the silver screen look of Blair or Serena with designer inspired pieces in the form of CZ jewelry. For just a fraction of the cost, now you too can look like a NYC style-setter.

Gossip Girl Jewelry Style
If you like Blair’s look – Go for key pieces that are structured with feminine elegance. Long strands of pearls mixed with shimmery stones are key for this NYU student. Antique looking Cubic Zirconia can give you a similar outcome. Think about mixing a 30s and 40s inspired look with newer contemporary pieces. Add some metallic Cubic Zirconia in silver tone or oxidized silver when you want to achieve an ambiance that is like your fave classic and chic uptown girl. You’ll look prim and proper to a tee.

If you like Serena’s look – Take a chance on Cubic Zirconia jewelry that is a little more edgy if you want to imitate this wild child’s style. Grab more modern pieces like crystal encrusted bangles bracelets and sexy earrings. Cubic Zirconia jewelry with large colored stones looks great when worn with sultry date night attire. This look is more about having fun and living a little, more than anything else. Serena’s style doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should the Cubic Zirconia jewelry that you choose.

If you’re not sure which style is more yours, start by sorting and laying out the main pieces from your closet. Once you have inventory of everything, you can put your accessories together. And if you don’t have time to make it to the mall, or you just want to be smart about it and save money on gas and sales tax, try shopping for your CZ jewelry online. And don’t forget about your girlfriends who love Gossip Girl style too. So snatch up some for you and friend.

Cubic Zirconia - Designer's Solution

It is a human desire to adorn oneself. It is a way to add value to ones physical appeal and hence a way to increase our worth. If a person is physically appealing, he is considered more than the others worthy many ways are. A jewelry piece helps you earn that worth, and similarly it helps your wife. To understand her wish to buy that new designer bracelet on the vogue cover, you need to understand this need of humans. Try to recall why did you wished to have that X Box 360 some years ago! Her emotions are somewhat the same for that designer bracelets or any piece of jewelry recently on her desire list.

In addition, if you think that buying jewelry piece would get very expensive, then you will need our help. These days there are many revolutions, which have turned the whole meaning of expense related to jewelry. Alchemy and imitation jewelry have progressed a lot in the quality and variety. Many precious and semi precious stones can today, contest with ‘The Diamond’ on the grounds of beauty and its eternal character. To cite an example, talk about the Cubic Zirconia. It has been there for many years and recently many designers have started to work with it. They found the substance almost equal to diamond and a lot cheaper in case of investment. They can produce a number of jewelry pieces using these like designer bracelets, rings, earrings etc. and in designs which are totally new and audacious. You can now think of buying a stone so big that you would not have even dreamed of. All thanks to CZ jewelry! It is manufactured, easy to get, quality as the‘d’ standard diamond and way cheaper than diamond.

Hence, next time your wife expects a pair of designer bracelets for her birthday, surprise her with a pair of bracelets of Cubic Zirconia! She would flaunt it like diamonds, and yes you can see for yourself how it makes her feel appealing and hence worthy!

A Word of Caution

When it was about buying diamond, we were very skeptical of what we were buying. There was a variety of checks done to ensure that the diamond bought was real and authentic, that the money we are spending on is worth it. The money invested to buy a simple diamond ring is much more than what normal people can afford it in real. In addition, the ones, who do, spend a fortune buying it. Even the richest of the people look for a guarantee when buying it.
CZ cocktail ringIt goes when we are about to purchase a CZ jewelry. For thirty years, CZ jewelry has been known to give diamonds a tough competition. It is cheaper than diamond, easily available and custom made as per the need of the jewelry piece, all this being impossible in the case of diamonds. In such case, you would just go a bit easy when buying CZ jewelry, but it is advised to check for a few things while vouching for CZ jewelry as well. The investment is still t be cared for. Even though Cubic Zirconia is known to have higher prismatic fire than diamond, it is no better than an ordinary glass if of lesser value. The value of zirconia comes from what it constitutes and the way it is made. The main ingredient that goes into the making is zirconium oxide and the value depends on the way the stone is made and the amount of ingredients used in the making.

Besides this a CZ jewelry is evaluated on the terms of the four Cs- color, clarity, carat and cut; just like any other gem stone. The clarity of the highest value is equivalent to that of a‘d’ standard diamond and as the value lessens it turns yellow. In addition, the tint of the stones would start to get uneven as the quality degrades.

Hence, when buying CZ jewelry looks for the quality checks and buys only when satisfied.

Revolution in designer jewelry industry

Imagine what it would feel like to know that the diamond necklace you swooned for while flipping through the pages of recent Bazaar can be yours and that too for almost half the price! Alternatively, just imagine the look on the face of a woman who paid millions for a particular piece of jewelry and she sees it another woman wearing it!
CZ jewelryWith the innovation of CZ jewelry, this was made possible long ago. However, designers adopted this gem a little later. It was in the year of 1892 that this was discovered. At that time, the scientist thought of using it as a substitute of diamond in lasers and optical equipments. Soon the scientists of USSR found that it is worth as a substitute of diamond in jewelry. In addition, in the year of 1976 it was first used commercially. It picked up quite soon in the market; in 1980 50 million carats were produced. Moreover, since then it has hit like a revolution in the jewelry industry. It is a delight to the jewelry designers and legendary design houses.

Cubic zirconia is a hit amongst those designers who work with the junk jewelry or any other type of jewelry apart from the traditional. A real diamond gets too expensive for them to invest in. In addition, their clientele cannot pay for a huge diamond piece. They can conveniently use this cubic zirconia and produce some very new and different designs with the help of these. The consumers who are looking for ‘Bling’ can be satisfied with the help of this invention. You can get some cool one-piece huge stones, which you can’t even dream of, in real diamond. Moreover, if the quality of the stone is anyhow your concern then just soothe your nerves it will be impeccable. The quality of a good cubic zirconia is comparable to that of a‘d’ standard diamond.

The use of this stone is not only restricted to jewelry it can be used in anything wherever you need a substitute of diamond be it handbags, clips, or lasers!

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Jewelry and women

Diamond shave always been quoted as women’s best friends. However, in today’s hard economic times, this statement has become very controversial. Now, the amount hat can one invest in luxury and show off and shrunken considerably. However, women’s interest in jewelry has not deteriorated. This deflation has not affected the love that women have for jewels. Therefore, there came the need for an alternative for the sparkling diamond jewelry. Therefore, everyone wants such pieces, which have the allure of the diamond, but does not cost as heavily as they do.Jewelry and women
The CZ jewelry is a perfect option for those who want to have the satisfaction of owning jewelry that looks designer and you pay a lot less for them. It has all the features of the designer jewelry except for their stunning price tags. The CZ jewelry is actually made up of crystallized zirconium dioxide. It is very hard, and you cannot find any optical flaws and is usually colorless. Nevertheless, it can be made into many colors that further ads to its advantages. Therefore, it can be made to resemble sapphire or ruby. Another advantage that this compound offers is that it can be cut into a number of shapes and styles. Therefore, it becomes a favorable stone for many jewelry items.

In fact, in many ways, the Cubic Zirconia jewelry is even better than diamonds. It actually can be made to perfection, which is not very common in diamond jewels. Not all diamonds come with the perfect tag and many of them have a feather or cloud present in the internal structure. The diamonds, which have no defects, are very rare and they have a yellow or a brown tinge to it. However, in the Cubic Zirconia jewelry, unless the manufacturer wants to add a certain color, there is no color. Be it the price or their attractive designs and styles, the cubic zirconia jewelry is certainly that you can think of owning.

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The Variety of CZ Jewelry

CZ Jewelry is the most preferred substitute for Diamond with more reliability, strong, Affordable and economically low in cost. The jewelries are made by combining zirconia powder with yttrium oxide and heated about 5000 degree Fahrenheit which results into bright, sparkling crystals which are often used to make different type of Jewelry.

These bright crystals or artificial diamonds can be used for making Engagement rings, Wedding sets, Sterling silver jewelry, White gold, Beads, Stones etc. It is available in following normal colors CZ white A, CZ white AA, CZ white AAA, CZ white AAAA, CZ white AAAAA, CZ white Euro machine cut, CZ white heart and Arrow, CZ pink AAA, CZ pink Rose AAA, CZ pink Black AAA, CZ lavender AAA, CZ Violet AAA, CZ canary yellow AAA, CZ orange, Golden yellow CZ garnet AAA, CZ peridot AAA. It is also available in special colors to name few are Apple green, green, Teal, Rhodorite, Brown, Topaz, blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Sapphire. Cubic zirconia color changes available are peridot, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Brown Diamond, Color Topaz, pink morangite, Imperial topaz and Kunzite dark.

All color types are available in Round, Oval, Octagon, square, Pear, trillion, Heart and Triangle shape but the variant Cubic zirconia white AAA is also available in Cushion, Taper and baguette shapes also. The cost of the CZ Jewelry can vary depending on the size and design. These Jewelries can be used for various occasions, it can be used for marriage purposes as a wedding ring which can be selected various designs and shapes, Engagement ring, Eternity rings, Solitaire rings, Platinum rings, Anniversary rings, Three stone rings.

CZ jewelry are also available in different themes which can be a heart shaped, Rose shaped, round, square, Butterfly shaped, or some shape giving inspiration. All CZ Jewelry are certified by Gemological institute with different rating namely A, D, E AA depending on the quality.

CZ bracelets are available in the variants of 14 carat, 18 carat with availability in plain, Yellow Gold, Beaded, Yellow gold flat, yellow gold light, white and rose gold, Twisted, Tri color, Yellow gold braided twist, White gold Large and polished, shiny gold, gold hinged swirl.

CZ Necklaces are available in very attractive and classic styles with wide range and colors namely Pirate skull, cross bones pendants, Hearts by Yard, Bead Necklace, Pandora Bead, Heart with cross pendant etc .

The entire CZ jewelry is world wide used and is globally wide spread. Its unique features make it superior from Diamond in spite of the low cost, durable and easily available. It gets dispersed fast compared to Diamond which can also be seen from untrained eyes, The quality is so hard and thick that makes it more durable and reliable, Cuts and shapes can be designed in a very clean and clear way with giving the opportunity of making more shapes and designs compared to Diamond, The color is totally Colorless compare to Diamond which is often found in Yellow color .These are the few characters of CZ Jewelry which is making its presence and usage superior than Diamond.