Medieval Jewelry Put on Display

Medieval Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body adornment. The beads with a history of 100,000 year-old made from Nassarius shells are thought to be the oldest known medieval jewelry. In the ancient world gold was the preferred metal for making jewelry. It was rare, did not tarnish and best of all it was malleable, so it could be worked fairly easily.
Medieval JewelryIt is reported that two priceless hoards of medieval jewelry and coins have gone on display in the UK for the first time.
Among those precious finds, some can be traced to the 14th Century. Three of the earliest known examples of Jewish wedding rings have been displayed at London's Wallace Collection.

As for the origin of those items, experts say they were buried by families when there was Black Death in Europe. Stephen Duffy, of the Wallace Collection, in Manchester Square, said the items were "very rare and unusual survivors from the medieval period".

One part of the display was found in the walls of a house in Colmar, France in 1863, while the lager part was found later than the first one, in 1998 at Erfurt, Germany. She said: "It is impossible to put a value on such unique objects."

Karin Sczech, German archaeologist and curator of the exhibition said: "It is impossible to put a value on such unique objects."As well as being precious stones and materials, the items have great cultural and historical significance.
Medieval Jewelry pictures

The exhibition at the Wallace Collection in central London will open on Thursday 19 February until Sunday 10 May.

Diamond Grade-How to Grade Diamonds

From chemistry point of view, diamond is a mineral and is the hardest substance that already known by human being in the world. It is composed of carbon. Its earliest record dates back to some 3000 years ago in India. Diamonds have always been associated with mystical power and great beauty throughout the history. Recently they are endowed with another meaning-the symbol of power and wealth.

If you are going to spend a substantial amount of money on a diamond, it is necessary to learn diamond grade and how diamonds are graded.

Diamonds are available in varying colors, sizes and qualities. Naturally their colors rang from very clear fine whites to pinks, bright yellows, greens and browns. The majority of diamonds used in jewelry today are white diamonds.

The value of a white diamond is determined by what are commonly referred to as the 4Cs. The 4Cs are the Diamond's Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Each of the 4Cs is important and the most valuable Diamonds are those that possess the best of all four measurements.

Clarity is the term used to describe the size and number of flaws known as inclusions in a diamond. The most brilliant diamond always has the fewest inclusions. So the fewer inclusions diamonds have the more valuable they are.

Diamond color grades start at D and continue through the alphabet. Truly colorless stones, graded D, are extremely rare and very valuable. The closer a diamond is to being colorless, the rarer and more valuable it is.

Carat is comparatively common term to us. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, which is easily for us to understand. The larger the diamond (and therefore the rarer) the more expensive per carat it will be.

While nature determines a diamond's color, clarity, and carat weight, the hand of a master craftsman is needed to release its fire and beauty. The cut gives each diamond its unique sparkle and brilliance by allowing the maximum amount of light to enter and reflect back out of the diamond.

To find the best Diamond that fits within your price range it essentially comes down to a compromise between the 4Cs and your consideration of which factors are most important to you. If you really want a larger stone on a limited budget you could decide to purchase a stone which is graded slightly lower in terms of clarity and color.
Diamond Color-Yellow

Diamond Color-Grey
Diamond Color-Blue

Diamond Color-Green

Jewelry Temptation-How much is the necklace worth

Now, let's read a story - Jewelry Temptation first, and then we will know that how much is the necklace worth.

"Necklace", wrote by French writer Mobosang, is the world literature in the short story of rare works. The heroine Mathilde, is the wife of a small staff of the Ministry of Education. She dressed plainly because she could not dress well, but she was unhappy as if she had really fallen from a higher station; however,she suffered ceaselessly, feeling herself born to enjoy all delicacies and all luxuries. When a chance comes, her husband and she were invited to an upper class ball; she borrowed a beautiful diamond necklace to attend it. Her vanity was fully satisfied that night. But unfortunately, after the ball she found that she had lost the necklace.

Then she borrowed a large amount of money and spent 36,000 francs to buy a new necklace, with the appearance of the one she had borrowed. Of course, when she "returned" the necklace, she didn't tell her friend the truth. After that, Mathilde and her husband lived an extremely destitute life for 10 years and finally repaid the debt.

However, how much is the necklace worth? Later, she accidentally met her friend, whom she had borrowed the necklace from, and knew that the necklace she had lost was a fake, worth no more than 500 francs.
Girl necklaces picture

In the story, when the heroine discovered the necklace, her heart throbbed with an immoderate desire. Her hands trembled as she took it. She fastened it round her throat, outside her high-necked waist, and was lost in ecstasy at her reflection in the mirror." We can feel that how a diamond necklace can tempt a woman.

In fact, jewellery always has great temptation to women, no matter necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Any woman, anywhere, at anytime, can be attracted by any jewelry. So if you love a woman, the best gift for her will be beautiful jewelry.


People often describe pearl jewelry and the women who wear them as class, style and timeless and other similar words. So many famous women of modern times wear sparkly pearl jewelry, which can make a big comeback. Pearl jewelry is enjoying resurgence today.

Celebrities and other famous women influence much of the look and style in today’s fashion world while also guiding the fashion trends. Jackie O and Princess Diana, two style masters, projected a glamorous elegance that so many women have strived to emulate. There are also other women dressed with fashionable jewelry. One of the earliest known pearl collections is the Mary Queen of Scots pearls which have more than 600 pearls.

So, do you want to be a fashion standout? There is a large amount of supply of costume pearl jewelry on the market. Wearing pearl jewelry might even inspire you to be a fashion trendsetter. Pearl jewelry is available in many hues – you could get several colors, lengths and styles and wear them to match your little black dress for many distinct looks.

The most familiar type of pearl jewelry is freshwater pearl jewelry. This is probably the most common type of pearl jewelry sold. You can be most likely to see these sold in normal department stores as well as high end jewelry stores. Freshwater pearls range from average sizes to larger than usual. They are usually 4mm to 11mm. So you are going to be finding more and more freshwater pearls that are closer to being identical in size rather than previously.

Pearl jewelry will never go out of style – it is always a classy and a traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint. You would not be wrong in saying that pearl jewelry is forever.

White Valentine's Day-White Day In Japan and South Korea

Valentine's Day is gone, did you receive or send a gift to your lover? Do you feel that the date didn't enjoy yourself to the full? Don't worry, because another Valentine's Day, which is called "White Valentine's Day" - White Day is coming.

White Valentine's Day - White Day originated in the third Century Rome.Roman emperor, on February 14th, saved lovers who had violated the original love marriage ban and going to be executed, the Roman emperor then marked the day as Valentine's Day. One month later, on March 14, the rescued lovers sworn in love forever and in order to commemorate that day, it is called White Valentine's Day – White Day.

Valentine's Day is mainly for a female to present chocolates (either store-bought or handmade) to a male of her choice as an expression of love. There also exists the "Obligatory Chocolate", or "chocolate of courtesy"that a girl will give to those close to her but has no romantic interest in.

White Valentine's Day – White Day is celebrated in Japan and Korea on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On that day, the converse happens: males who received chocolates, nomatter chotolate of love or chocolate of courtesy on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts, usually supposed to be three times the value of the initial gift from the female.
White Day giftTraditionally, popular White Valentine's Day – White Day gifts are cookies, underwear, white chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry, etc. Among those, jewelry is the most popular. Every famale wants to be more beautiful and jewelry can help.

If you received a gift on Valentine's Day, you can try to choose special jewelry for White Valentine's Day – White Day and let your lover feel your love.

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How to tell if your pearl necklace or earring is real or fake?

My colleagues and i love pearl jewelry very much, sometimes we will talk about how to tell if our pearl necklaces or earrings are real or fake, i will list our methods to distinguish between real pearls and fakes. I hope they will be helpful to you too.
real pearl necklace

First, real pearl necklaces or earrings feel rough or gritty, but fake pearls feel smooth.

In order to test them, we can rub two pearls gently together, if the surfaces are glassy smooth, these pearl necklaces or earrings are probably artificial. However, if the surfaces are texture, these pearl necklaces or earrings are probably genuine. Another funny test is to test by rubbing a real or fake pearl against your tooth. If the pearl is made of plastic or glass, it will feel smooth. If the pear is real, we can see natural texture on the pearl necklace or earring.

Second, if the pearl necklace or earring is sold at an unbelivable price, i think we need to test it more carefully, as we all know, there are no pies dropping from the sky.

Third, imitation pearl necklaces or earrings are usally made by glass or plastic beads, the coating will chip over time. So we can check pearl necklaces or earrings near holes drilled trough them for tiny chips or flakes. If you see some chips, your pearl necklaces or earrings may be fake.

Fourth, real pearls can be either natural or cultured. Natural pearls are usually irregularly shaped and not very attractive, so the naturally round pearls are precious. However, the majority of perfectly shaped pearls are cultured.

At last, if you have better methods to test if pearl necklace or earring is real or not, please share with us! Good luck!

Blue Necklace-Blue Crystal,Diamond,Silver Necklaces,Which Style Do You Like Best?

Blue necklace-Blue necklaces, blue pendant necklaces, blue crystal necklaces, blue diamond necklaces, blue silver necklaces, which style do you like best?
blue necklace-neclaces-1
blue necklace-necklaces-2
blue necklace-necklaces-3
blue necklace-necklaces-4
blue necklace-necklaces-5
blue necklace-necklaces-6

The Origin of Wedding Rings

The origin of wedding ringsIn many countries' culture, it is indispensable for the bridegroom and the bride to exchange their wedding rings in the wedding ceremony. Generally, a wedding ring (wedding band) consists of a metal ring, generally on either the left or right ring finger. Such a ring symbolizes marriage: a spouse wears it to indicate a marital commitment to fidelity.

It was a Austria king who first used wedding ring as a love token. In 1477, the king met a princess called Mary. Mary's beauty and grace attracted the king. Although the king knew that Mary had had affiance with another guy, he still tried his fortune by giving Mary a very precious wedding ring. At last, Mary was moved by the exquisitely carved wedding ring and the king's sincerity, so they married with each other. From then on, people have treated Diamond wedding ring as a love token.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, more and more shapes and styles of wedding rings come out. People now have more chances to show loves to their sweethearts.

wedding ringsEmitations' sterling silver promise wedding rings and CZ promise wedding rings are both elegant and inexpensive. Perfect CZ or sterling silver promise wedding rings are easier found here. Make a never-ending promise to that special woman; buy an elegant and affordable solitaire wedding ring.

Oscar Awards And Jewelry

Oscar Awards and jewelryA few days later, the US will attract eyeballs of all over the world, because the 81st Annual Academy Award (Oscar Award) will be held there. Every year, Oscar is just like another battlefield for dress and jewelry sponsors. Such events can have much bigger promotion effects than any kinds of advertises.

Just as when UmaThurman wore a lavender silk chiffon evening dress and whispered "It's Prada" on the Oscar red carpet in 1995, the simple words helped put Miuccia Prada and her team on the map, and from then on, the brand was remembered by the fashion world.

Dresses can make women look beautiful and grace. While with the help of proper jewelry, women will look perfect. The best gift for women is Jewelry. There are so many materials and styles of jewelry, so every woman can name at least one kind of jewelry she really likes and every woman can easily find satisfied jewelry in any jewelry store.

Silver jewelry has been in fashion for years and has the look and feel of expensive metals - but at a reasonable price, so it is popular. You can find sterling silver items in all levels of jewelry, from low priced jewelry knockoffs to high-end designer styles. Silver is loved for its versatility, durability, and gorgeous glow.

Oscar Awards and CZ jewelryIn addition to silver jewelry, Cubic zirconia jewelry (CZ jewelry) is also very popular. CZs have slightly less brilliance than diamond but they look more colorful and much inexpensive. They have been established as an affordable diamond replacement as well as an important fashion staple in costume jewelry.

There are also many other kinds of jewelry. Anyhow, as long as you choose the right jewelry, you can also look like a shining star.

Jewelry – Woman’s Best Friend

In all ages, jewelry always can make a woman looks more nobby. Neither diamond, sapphires, nor emeralds have time limits. They will never go out of fashion. As the time goes by, with the development of technology, jewelry even become more precious than the year before and always maintain in requisition. Excellent jewelers are ceaselessly finding ways to create new designs and styles.

We can see from TV that when any super star attends an activity, it is not only a promotion for her new song or movie, but also a promotion for her new jewelry.

There are numerous kinds of jewelry and there are numerous styles and shapes for each kind, so when rambling in a jewelry store, any woman can find at least one item she loves very much. In fact, any woman, even if she doesn’t wear jewelry, can easily find a piece of jewelry she loves and wants.

How to Take Care of Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia is considered to be the best man-made diamond for jewelry on the market today. Since coming to the 1830s, diamonds has been a favorite of stones for jewelry. Not everyone can afford to buy diamonds because of the expensive price.

Many ladies wear cubic zirconia jewelry, also called CZ jewelry, such as CZ earrings, CZ necklaces, etc. Cubic zirconia can be worn everyday without any damaging effects when it is set in gold or sterling silver. However, it also have the exceptions.

Make-up, face and body powder and lotions could cause the shine of the cubic zirconia to dull. So remove your cubic zirconia jewelry before wearing any of these products. Place your cubic zirconia jewelry with a soft cotton towel.

We will wear different cubic zirconia jewelry because of various projects and responsibilities from different business. It is not uncommon for the cleaning of our jewelry to slip through the cracks. All jewelry requires regular cleaning. Proper care will help to maintain their beauty. So, set your cubic zirconia jewelry aside one day a week, every two weeks, or every month to clean all your jewelry. The results will surprise you, and you won't have to worry about what condition they will be in when you choose them to wear for a special occasion.

Emitations’ sterling silver jewelry contains jewelry sets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Sterling silver jewelry sets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and CZ jewelry for the best prices! Choose the right one for your right occasions.

How to choose good jewelry

Women are lucky, they are beautiful, and they can be even more beautiful with the help of Jewelry. Women usually have different types of jewelry for different occasions such as clubs, parties, dates, weddings, family events, etc. No matter real jewelry or fake ones, they can make an ordinary woman looks gorgeous. Every woman can easily get her own jewelry because there are not only thousands of choices in the fashion jewelry industry, but also there are thousands of stores to buy jewelry. Now let’s talk about how to choose pretty good sterling silver jewelry.

Generally, all the metals should be marked by the maker and the metal quality. For sterling silver, the mark should be either 925 or "sterling". The mark should be at the end of the chain, near the clasp or on a little flat looking ring at the end of the chain. So when you want to buy one, you should check the mark.

You can also test the jewelry, which is the most believable way to tell the truth. You can let the jeweler to do an acid test, for example. However, this will cost some money. But on a large and heavy chain, the test might worth the test, that will help you win pretty good jewelry from thousands of choices.

Also, it is advisable to buy jewelry sets from creditable shops. In this way, you don't have to be worried about being cheated.

Valentine poems-Special Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many persons all over the world. In the West, it is the traditional day, lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's poems, Valentine's cards, Valentine Love Notes, presenting flowers, or offering jewelry. Here are some poems for your lovers.

You Are My Blessing

The gift wrapping is over
The cards are gone
Yet my heart continues
To sing this song

You are my blessing
The love of my life
You are the reason
I have no strife

You bring me happiness
You bring me light
Your smile reflects
A joy so bright

The hours are filled
With warm and caring
Each moment overflow
With heartfelt sharings.

Will You Be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
You are like a tossing sea
And I am like your shores.

You are like an endless wave
And I your waiting sand.
And I will wait forever as
You come and smooth my hand.

I will wait forever, yet
You are a part of me.
I hold you in my arms, while you
Come to me endlessly.

Will you be my Valentine?
I know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores.

In Love at Last

In love at last.
Never alone anymore,
Like in the past.

I chose you to love,
My heart to you I give.

I could look the world over,
Never find one so true,
As loving and giving,
There is only one you.

My lover, my friend,
Today you are...
My Special Valentine

What is the hotest question about jewelry

1.What is the root of jewelry?

Jewelry is a personal ornament, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets, which are made from sterling silver,gold, precious metals or other materials.

The word "jewelry" is derived from the word "jewel", which was anglicised from the Old French "jouel" about the 13th century. In addition, It means plaything if we further trace back to the Latin word "jocale". According to historical records, the first pieces of jewelry were made from natural materials, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood and carved stone. Recently, Jewelry has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings and many more types of jewelry. While high-quality jewelry is made with silver, gold , or other precious metals and diamonds.

2.What is the main use of jewelry?

During earlier times jewelry was created for practical uses such as wealth storage and pinning clothes together, in recent times it has been used almost exclusively for decoration. In addition,Jewelry was often made for people of high importance to show their status , and in many cases, they were buried with it.

3.What is the people's chief concern of jewelry?

A large amount of people concern about the design and creativity of jewelry, also, some people will take the materials of the jewelry into consideration, because the jewelry they wore has something to do with their status.