Faith and Fashion: Cross Necklaces that Transcend

The cross necklace has always been a classic jewelry piece that adds grace to any outfit. Lately, we've seen a resurgence of our favorite trendsetters adorning themselves with these necklaces. Simple and beautiful, these pieces can range in size and length depending on the statement you want to make.

For a casual piece, choose a cross that is small in size and either sterling silver or gold tone. This necklace can easily be paired with anything in your closet and worn on an everyday basis. Kate Moss was recently spotted wearing a cross necklace and gold hoops with a casual look consisting of jeans, a plaid shirt and a cardigan. Heidi Montag of The Hills shows her faith by donning a cross necklace with a tank top and jeans for daily wear.

For a modern take on the cross necklace, choose chains or cords that are longer in length and have a larger costume-y pendant. Vanessa Hudgens recently played up her bohemian style with laid back layers and a long cross pendant. Even country music star Toby Keith wears an oversize cross pendant on-stage when he performs. It's obvious these stars have very different styles, but they share a common preference for this classic piece.

If you're looking to dress up for evening, throw on a cross pendant adorned in rhinestones for an eye-catching statement. Jennifer Aniston famously made this look a hit when she paired a huge cross adorned with stones with a simple black satin dress. The rest of her look, including hair and makeup, was simple, leaving the gorgeous cross to get all the attention.

Cross pendants also make a great gift for friends or loved ones. With an engraving on the back, a cross necklace is the perfect Mother's Day or birthday present. The recipient is sure to appreciate a classic piece that can be worn for years to come.

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Plastic Jewelry goes Grown-Up Chic

This season, fashionistas of all ages are going nuts for modern takes on plastic jewelry in striking colors and bold designs. Lucite, which is a lightweight clear resin, is popping up everywhere in a rainbow of bright spring and summer shades. This type of jewelry is not only fun and fashionable, it's also affordable, so it's easy to add a few pieces to freshen up your look.

Plastic geometric jewelry was big in the 70s, with a retro feel and an artistic edge that added expression to any outfit. Today, Lucite, Bakelite and acrylic pieces with funky angles are being worked into bangle bracelets and multi-layered chain necklaces. Pastels and opaques are very popular, and make great vacation jewelry. Prints with stripes and animal spots are a few other hot styles of plastic jewelry this season, and do a great job of adding character to everyday pieces.

Plastic jewelry has a playful aspect to it, and is often characterized by futuristic geometric shapes, such as rounded rectangles or triangle bangle bracelets. We're also seeing a lot of plastic beaded necklaces in a rainbow of colors. These lightweight pieces can easily update your look without breaking the bank.

With all the talk of green-this and recycled-that, eco plastic jewelry is quickly rising in popularity. Recycled and reused plastic jewelry is the new coveted non-precious jewelry of the X and Y generation. Oftentimes, you can purchase cool unique designs for just a fraction of the cost of more expensive options. And the feel good factor makes this a guilt-free pleasure you can't afford to miss.

Just as every style-setter has her own tastes and preferences, plastic jewelry has its own varieties and options from which to choose. So whether you prefer a giant raspberry colored plastic beaded necklace or a transparent safari print chunky bangle, it's all about having fun with this modern take on retro chic plastic jewels.

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Betsey Johnson: Timeless Fashion Design

Betsey JohnsonBetsey Johnson first nabbed her spot on the fashion in the sixties and seventies. Her designs were just as hot then as they are now. In fact, they were so hot that they have been referred to as "culty brands" by New York Fashion, which has her fashion status marked as "Established, Household Name."

This fashion designer and fashion jewelry designer has worked with clients such as Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Debby Harry and Paris Hilton. Her designs can be purchased in major department stores including Macy's and Bloomingdale's as well.

Many brands describe themselves as "flirty", but Betsey Johnson's designs really own and exemplify this term. Just consider her Fall 2009 collection, which is brimming with colored leggings, short skirts and short boots; all of which is very '80s, early '90s and Cyndi Lauper-esk. Although there are several designs that tend to "throwback" to these decades, it's easy to see how Betsey Johnson's designs are always on the cutting edge.

Johnson's choice of fashion jewelry to compliment her runway designs is creative as well. Her chosen accessories for her Spring 2009 show include items like thin, black choker necklaces on every model, not to mention colorful wigs and round brim hats. Bangles, colored sunglasses and long, ornate earrings are also used throughout.

Throughout Johnson's lines, it's easy to see that she's really just a punk rocker at heart. She's unique, daring and full of surprises, which is evident from her cartwheels at the end of her fashion shows. And, although they try to remain austere and mysterious, it's easy to see that her models are having just as much fun wearing her fashion and jewelry designs as she did creating them.

When you visit her online store, you will find Betsey Johnson is also one of the hottest jewelry designers as well. She has several new designs including starfish earrings and skull studs that are definitely unique fashion jewelry pieces. Like the marine theme? You'll also enjoy her unique ring designs as well including Lobster and Rhinestone Crab rings. See, Betsey Johnson's jewelry designs are just as fun and timeless as her clothing!

Socialite Fashion Jewelry Style Defined

Not everyone can afford the latest celebrity red carpet trends, but you can get jewelry inspired by these fashionable stylistas who frequently grace the party scene. These socialites get noticed with fun jewelry designs that raise the bar and get their pictures plastered on the front page of every major magazine.

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton fortune, regularly works the crowd wearing over-the-top jewels such as bubble gum pink Hello Kitty encrusted pendant necklaces or oversized metal cuffs. She's not afraid to take fashion risks in pieces that are youthful and fun. For example, Paris loves animal prints, and has stolen the scene in safari inspired looks, with chunky wooden bracelets, long beaded necklaces and matching headbands to complete the look.

Paris Hilton animal prints

Nicole Richie may be retired from the party-hopping lifestyle, but the famous mom is still a style-setter with her bohemian chic laid-back vibe. Nicole prefers organic looking materials such as teak wooden bangles or floral printed jewelry to accent everyday outfits. For a night on the town, Nicole goes for art deco jewelry pieces like the pave set angel wing necklace she wore on the cover of Elle magazine.

nicole richie

Sienna Miller is truly a trend-setter, with her edgy jewelry choices and dynamic outfits. She's not afraid to take a risk, and it usually results in her landing on at the top of the list of style mavens. Sienna is versatile, wearing medallion shaped earrings for a casual day out or a large statement cocktail ring to dress up for an event. Sienna's signature boho chic style includes a love of large geometric earrings in a variety of metals, most notably bronze. With Sienna's features, she can easily pull off triangles, ovals and other chunky duds to balance her small frame. Sienna is also the master at layering, as she sports several strands of long beaded necklaces or a pile of bangles.

Sienna Miller

Michelle Obama's Fashion Jewelry Style

Over the past few years, we've watched as now First Lady Michelle Obama has undergone a style evolution. From her super-chic sheaths to floral printed dresses, she's upped the style quotient in the White House at every appearance she makes. Not to be forgotten are her look-at-me accessories that define her signature look and pull her outfits together. From bubble-gum size pearls to big brooches and hoop earrings, we examine some of the most memorable pieces she's worn and try to keep up with this fashion-forward all-American mom as she makes history.

Michelle obama's fashion jewelry style

Pearls, pearls, pearls – Michelle Obama favors these classic stones, but she adds her own contemporary twist by wearing oversize faux pearl necklaces and gorgeous strands of color in gold and brown.

Michelle obama's pearl necklaces

Pendants – Ever the fashion icon, Michelle pushes the envelope by wearing multiples of classic necklaces. One of her most memorable pendant choices was a peace symbol and hope dog tag necklace, that she has casually sported on several occasions.

Michelle obama's pendants

Classic shaped earrings – On election night, the new First Lady of Fashion chose a pair of double oval hoop earrings. The silver tone set a beautiful compliment to her black and red dress. She's also opted for gold hoop earrings as a simple accessory to accent colorful pieces.

Michelle obama's earrings

Color – Michelle is not afraid of adding a pop of color here and there, and that includes her jewelry. She loves look-at-me beads, like the chunky double-stranded blue choker she wore to a speaking engagement. More recently, she wore a layered necklace look with canary and turquoise colored beads to contrast an all-black ensemble.

Mrs. Obama certainly keeps up with – or is responsible for setting – some of the most favored fashion jewelry trends to date. We can only wait in anticipation to see what she pulls out of her hat next.

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Jewelry like Jennifer Lopez - Fashion Style

Jennifer Lopez has been on our style radar for some time now, shocking us with daring choices and dazzling jewelry that is fabulously frivolous and over the top. Though most of us probably can't afford to spring for Jennifer Lopez size gems, we can take some tips from her to create jewelry looks that add glamour to our own wardrobe.

Jennifer Lopez makes her own rules, as she chooses combinations including both gold and silver. On a recent promotional experience she wore a large silver chain link bracelet with a jumbo size pair of hoop earrings and a handful of rings. She favors hoop earrings, often choosing oversize textured pairs to compliment a flowing hair style.

Jennifer Lopez pictures

Mrs. Mark Anthony also likes to pile on the bangles, wearing wristfuls of sterling silver thin bracelets as a casual accessory. She also stacks large wooden bangles, sporting several at a time, plus big earrings to complete an outfit.

Jennifer Lopez's jewelry style is versatile and fashion, as she switches back and forth from pop rocker to glam goddess. Onstage, she needs to be the center of attention, rocking piles of accessories. But lately, her red-carpet look has leaned more toward tailored and posh, consisting more of classic pieces like humongous diamond studs, which shine with an elegant up-do. Other faves include romantic art deco drop earrings with matching bezel-set bracelet. Often the gowns she wears are decadent unto themselves, so she's careful to choose jewelry that doesn't overpower. Instead, it adds just the right touch of sparkle.

Jennifer Lopez pictures 3

To get her look, try opting for costume jewelry with glitzy gems in fun colors like canary yellow or baby pink. Also, dare to wear gold and silver at the same time if the designs are similar. Just remember that your signature style doesn't necessarily have to follow a certain set of style rules. You can play with jewelry and mix it up, just like Jennifer Lopez.

Eva Longoria Parker's Signature Jewelry Style

Eva Longoria Parker's Signature Jewelry Style - Fashion

Eva Longoria Parker
may come in a pint-size package, but her style packs a lot of punch. Always polished and dressed to the T, Mrs. Tony Parker has a jewelry style that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour meets modern elegance. She knows what works on her tiny frame and what accessories best help her shine.

Eva loves drop earrings. From star shaped danglers to turquoise cascades to diamond teardrops, she likes earrings that have movement and a little swing to them. She's not afraid of color either, as she easily accents gorgeous gowns with fresh colored jewels in sparkling hues. A few of our favorites include ruby drop earrings used to accent a hot pink frock for a charity gala or a canary colored pair of drop earrings she wore with a spring floral dress. For her wedding abroad, Eva pulled out rich colored stones, best of all, the sapphire stunners she wore with matching cascade necklace for her wedding and the emerald oval cut drop earrings she playfully paired with a headband and casual do.

Eva Longoria Parker

No matter what Ms. Parker wears, she does it with ease and effortless grace. She can easily pull off art deco inspired pieces, such as glittering cuffs and bangles. Or, when she's feeling a bit sassy, she likes pieces that are fun and youthful, such as waterfall earrings. Her favorite accessory is a number 9 pendant that she wears as a reminder of her husband Tony's jersey. You can easily replicate this sentiment by choosing a charm or bracelet with removable charms.

Eva Longoria Parker

Eva steers clear of 'here today - gone tomorrow' jewelry trends and instead opts for stylish statements that are timeless. She just might be the next style icon in the making. We love watching her rule the red carpet and can't wait to see what jewelry she chooses next.

Eva Longoria Parker

Nicole Richie's Jewelry Style

Nicole Richie's Jewelry Style - Fashion!

From celebrity child to outgoing socialite to artist and designer, Nicole Richie holds many titles. She's been in the public eye for many years, and we've watched her style evolve from eccentric party girl to chic mom, all the while keeping her signature jewelry look. Nicole's effortless laid-back vibe carries through in each piece she wears.

Nicole loves accessories, whether it's headbands, scarves or sunglasses. But she does a great job at complementing her style with fun bracelets that add interest to on-the-go looks. Nicole has long been seen sporting simple thin red and black bracelet as an accent, both day and night. They add just a pop of color and can easily be imitated. Nicole is also known for piling on loads of bracelets. She isn't afraid to play with textures and materials, effortlessly mixing colored beads with black and gold chain bracelets. She uses these types of bracelets to doll up casual everyday looks.

At nighttime, Nicole's flower child persona shines through with long flowing dresses, billowy fabrics and jewelry that is uncomplicated. She's best-known for thin to medium size bangle bracelets that she wears in sets of multiples or pushes to her upper arm. She plays with color combinations and prints to evoke a worldly sense of style.

For necklaces, Nicole favors pendants like circular disc apple shapes. She also regularly wears a cut-out "H" pendant necklace as a reminder of her daughter Harlow. When she does wear beaded necklaces, the beads are small, so as not to overpower her petite frame. She knows what works on her and sticks to it.

The love child that she is, Nicole favors jewelry in materials that are organic in nature. From corded bracelets to natural wood to leather bands, she mixes and matches, throwing in gemstones and metallics to create a jewelry style that is distinctly her own.

Expert Advice - How to wear fashion with Jewelry

Ever wondered which items you should wear right now, which ones you should store in your jewelry box, and which ones you should part with? Well, we're here to help with some expert advice on what's hot in the world of fashion jewelry.

You should wear big, bold, chunky designs with handcrafted stones or geometric shapes. Long strands of pearls, delicate beads or multi-strand gold and sterling silver chains are also a big hit right now. For a personalized look, nameplate necklaces are still popular.

You should store vintage and hand-me-down birthstone necklaces and keepsake lockets, as these favorites never really go out of style. That's the difference between a trend and a piece with true staying power. Also keep classic short strands of pearls and beaded chokers.

You should toss stretchy chokers that have might be classified as grunge or gothic. Chunky peace sign necklaces have seen their hay day, as this look has been updated in favor of more feminine and delicate designs.

You should wear mini florals with small details for a fresh bohemian touch. Large hoop earrings have also made a comeback, and are acceptable outside of the office.

You should store small hoop earrings, lightweight feather earrings and understated pieces. They're sure to make a comeback in years to come.

You should toss earrings that drop below your collarbone, as this will never be a fashion "do", as it causes the neckline to look shorter than it is.

You should wear oversized cuffs and layers of bangles in natural fabrics and textures. A sterling silver or gold metal works with either. Watch cuffs are also one hot ticket this year.
You should store beaded stretch bracelets and basic black bangles.
You should toss spiked bracelet cuffs.

You should wear a statement cocktail ring or multi finger ring.
You should store rings that are too small or can be worn as a pendant.
You should toss rings with missing center stones. In this case, it's more cost effective to replace the whole ring.

How to Wear Native American Inspired Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets

Beaded jewelry is nothing new to the fashion scene, but the way its being worn certainly is. On the street and on the runway, socialites and trendsetters alike are pairing beaded bracelets and necklaces with one-off vintage pieces and classic favorites to create unique fashion forward looks.

Native American inspired beads are hot, hot, hot right now. From Megan's Fox's eye-catching turquoise beaded choker to Drew Barrymore's funky beaded and chain necklace, this look is versatile and beautiful for anyone. You might be wondering how to make this look your own. We've got some great suggestions for creating a signature look out of these stunning Native American inspired pieces.

The bangle bracelet is all the rage on the fashion scene right now. Take Rachel Bilson's chic sense of style for example. She recently paired multicolored beaded cuffs and bright beaded nylon bracelets with an all black ensemble. The bracelets she wore, along with her cuffed sleeves and neutral booties gave a certain laid back sense of style. The vivid colors of the Indian designs on her bracelets offset a standard outfit. At home, you can easily take any classic piece out of your closet and update it with an inexpensive and fun beaded cuff.

For a casual look, don’t be afraid to call out your inner rocker with a long multi-strand American Indian patterned necklace. The arrow and diamond shaped designs add interest and funk. Try pairing the necklace with a t-shirt and blazer for a business casual look.

As spring and summer draw near, bright Native American necklaces and bracelets are a great way to spice up neutrals, such as peasant blouses and sundresses. Wear one at a time as a statement piece, or pile them on for maximum effect. You'll feel like you're on vacation, with these gorgeous cultural beads and natural cut stones.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring

This year, spring's hit list includes smart and savvy jewelry trends that can update your closet inexpensively, albeit fashionably. Here are our top favorite jewelry must-haves to get you going:

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Florals
Jumbo blooms with quirky details are fun, fresh and fabulous. Try an oversize choker necklace in a bright color like canary yellow or hot pink. These pieces can easily take you from a day in the office to a night out on the town.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Pink
From hot pink to punch pink to pastels, this feminine color is all over the style circuit. The feminine hue looks best in bold statements like bangles and oversize necklaces. Just remember, a little pink goes a long way!

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Geometric jewels
High-impact shapes like funky triangles and boxes are all the rage this season. Try geometric bracelets that can be stacked for maximum impact. Or, embrace the look of chain link metal and choose a necklace that is outside the box. These fabulous pieces are fierce and perfect wearable art.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Prints
Paisleys, florals and global inspired prints are not just for clothing. Thankfully, these gorgeous patterns have spilled over into jewelry as well. Bangle bracelets are a great way to incorporate embroidered prints, a hint of snakeskin or exotic colors. These eye-catching pieces grab attention and are an affordable way to try out the latest fad.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Safari inspired accessories
If you can't afford to be a globetrotter, then at least you can accessorize like one! Work in vibrant fun pieces that have natural stones and earthly materials. Try jewelry made of wood, cork and leather. If you're going neutral with your outfit, make sure your jewelry adds color.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Bold choices
Looking for a way to re-invent some wardrobe favorites? Take classic pieces and pair with a daring necklace for a completely re-vamped look. Choose tops that have a simple scoop neck to let the necklace take center stage. You can find some great buys on beautiful costume jewelry right now.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Hoop earrings
This accessory is back in a big way. Wear small to medium size hoop earrings to work or for play. Dare to live a little with larger choices for nighttime.

Floral Jewelry - Never Lose Fashion

I'm not sure if florals are really a fashion trend, but one thing's for sure, they have staying power. Florals have always represented an air of femininity, grace and beauty. From the Victorian age to the flower children of the 60s and 70s, floral jewelry, especially necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been all the rage. This season the focus is on the dainty flower, the mini floral, which can be worked into any trend-setter's collection.
Floral Jewelry
Mini floral earrings are a nice touch when done in sterling silver, as they are quite versatile and can easily go from day to night. Another way to wear a pair of floral earrings is to choose a design with color. Your earrings should be fun, whimsical and youthful, so don't be afraid to add a bright pop of color to accent the setting of the metal. Pastel floral earrings are always a hit in the spring and summer months, but wear them with contrasting pieces to avoid looking overly sweet. Mini floral earrings can also be worn in a cluster setting, as they gently overlap one another.
Floral Jewelry
When looking at floral bracelets, there are many options from which to choose. A sterling silver cuff with floral cut outs can provide a modern twist on classic Victorian style. Beaded bracelets are often printed or embossed with beautiful designs of different flowers for a throwback to hippie fashion. These look best when layered and suit any outfit by drawing out the prominent color. Don't be afraid to wear several styles of bracelets on either wrist. For example, a giant floral cuff on one arm with small silver bangles and several beaded floral bracelets on the other is quite fashion forward. Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson have all been spotted wearing multiples of mini floral print jewelry.
Floral Jewelry
With all the varieties offered, this is a style statement you can't afford to pass up.

Animal Instinct Jewelry - Fashion

Safari inspired jewelry has always been a fashionable way to subtly bring animal prints into your wardrobe, but animal jewelry this season offers so much more.

Wild animals such as cheetahs, leopards and jaguars are now being bejeweled with precious and faux gems to create eye-catching adornments in the form of bangle bracelets, stud earrings and statement cocktail rings. Insects such as crickets, ladybugs and butterflies are covered side-by-side in diamonds or cubic zirconia for glamorous sparkle. And birds are taking flight on precious metal cuffed bracelets and glittery brooches. The call of the wild is truly and beautifully translated into the latest fashion jewelry trends to hit the runways and the street scene this season.

One of the most popular trends right now is the butterfly. It's popping up everywhere from cutout cuff bracelets to fun-loving pendants that can add a touch of youth to any casual outfit. We're also seeing designers send out unique pieces that go out on a limb and incorporate animals such as armadillos and porcupines, for those daring enough to wear these creatures of the wild.
Butterfly Necklace
For summer jewelry styles, ocean animals of the deep such as starfish and tropical rainbow colored fish are ever-present in beautiful pendant necklaces and pins. They add an air of far off places and vacation get-a-ways to gauze fabrics and lightweight linen. Animal jewelry is so versatile; it can either be casual or dressy, art deco or geometric. Or, it can add an earthly feel or focal point to plain pieces such as khakis and denim.

If you're wondering how you wear these fabulous pieces, let the jewelry speak for itself. Let your animal themed necklace, earrings or bracelet take center stage and keep other accessories simple and understated. Let the call of the wild shine through, and you'll be sure to be a fashion 'Do'.

Vintage Jewelry Makes a Comeback - Fashion

Vintage Jewelry Makes a Comeback - A Fashion "Do"!
Remember rifling through your grandmother's vintage jewelry box when you were a little girl? Trying on those strands of pearls and vintage costume jewelry and dreaming of one day being old enough to wear them?

Vintage jewelry has long had a place on the red carpet of Hollywood (donned by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett), but it's also just as acceptable to wear it for a night out on the town or to accent a professional look. Vintage has an old world glamour to it, an essence of classiness and a throwback to a time when dresses and pantyhose were a must. Now, mixing vintage necklaces or earrings with modern pieces provides an updated and relevant look, popularized even more with style-setters like Michelle Obama.

If you are lucky enough to have inherited, or be a collector of this type of costume jewelry, then you should know that authentic vintage jewelry sets are the most valuable of the group, given they are in good condition and contain all stones. If you love the look, but don't have access to hand-me-down pieces, there are several options. Many current designers offer this style of jewelry for a very affordable price. Another good bet is to check out the local flea market for deals on one-of-a-kind finds.

Vintage pieces can really dress up an existing look and can act as a good conversation piece. Your jewelry can help you to create a one-of-kind outfit that is sure to garner compliments. The look of antique inspired jewelry is best characterized by brushed metal, giving it that worn-in look and feel. Cameos pendants are a popular choice, as are chandelier earrings. There are many categories of vintage jewelry, so it will depend on how you choose to wear and style the pieces with the rest of your wardrobe.

Jewelry Inspired by Movie: SEX and City

Jewelry inspired by the movie: Sex and City!

Sex and City

The fashionable women of the hit HBO series Sex in the City take Manhattan by storm with their trend-setting sense of style and have already hit the big screen once in a blockbuster movie based on the hit show. Always the fashionistas, the fierce foursome are responsible for creating some of the hottest designer and jewelry trends to date. Since they've already signed on for a movie sequel, we thought we'd take a look at each of the lady's unique sense of jewelry style.
Heroine of SEX and City - Carrie

The heart and soul of Sex in the City, Carrie's the ultimate style icon. Because of some of the jewelry that she wore on the show, certain pieces have topped the list of must haves across the country. For example, the signature 'Carrie' necklace that she wore started a trend that is still popular today. The horseshoe pendant necklace that she sported is as iconic as the pink cosmopolitan sipped on the show. Carrie's jewelry choices also included fun twists on classic pieces such as a peace sign pendant necklace or a charm bracelet.

Heroine of SEX and City - Charlotte

The all American girl, Charlotte was a true romantic at heart, and wore jewelry that reflected her feminine side and well-to-do upbringing. Charlotte's love of all things proper, she gravitated toward single strand pearl necklaces and earrings. She also made famous the bow shaped pendant and paid homage to classic cuts of diamonds.

Heroine of SEX and City - Miranda

The hard headed work-a-holic sets up her signature style with bold pieces and whimsical jewelry sets. The red head is best known for accenting her short sassy do with duster or dangly earrings in gold or beautiful stone settings. She also plays with colors that compliment her hair color, using royal blues and aquamarine in her accessory choices.

Heroine of SEX and City - Samantha

The confident vixen struts her stuff in outrageous jewelry that is as bold as her personality. Samantha loved signature cocktail rings, such as the two fingered flower ring that she received as a gift in the movie. She also took risks with funky neon geometric earrings, large Lucite bracelets and animal print bangles.

Birthstone Pendant

Everyone loves a gift that is tailored to their personality, interests and lifestyle. So what's better than giving a birthstone pendant necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring?

With birthstone pendant, it's all about the personalization. You choose the setting, the cut and the stone. Here's a quick guide to help you get started creating the perfect gift for that special someone in your life:

1) Choose your setting. Does the recipient tend to wear a lot of gold or sterling silver? If she's allergic to 14K gold (some women are), it might be your best bet to go with beautiful sterling silver. The setting of the birthstone pendant should be reflective of the recipient's personality. For example, if she is a modern woman, then she might appreciate an infinity setting (circle of birthstone pendant) which is quite stunning. If she has classic tastes, then perhaps something more feminine and ornate would be preferred.

2) Choose your cut. This may be dictated by the setting you choose, but if you decide upon a birthstone pendant, then you have some additional options. There are: princess cut, emerald cut, brilliant cut, pear drop, teardrop or bezel set stones, to name a few.

3) Choose the stone. This is pretty much decided for you by the birth month of the recipient, with the exception of the last 3 months of the year. As a refresher course, here are the months and corresponding modern birthstones:

Birthstone Color Chart

January - Garnet birthstone
February – Amethyst birthstone
March – Aquamarine birthstone
April – Diamond birthstone
May – Emerald birthstone
June – Pearl birthstone
July – Ruby birthstone
August – Peridot birthstone
September – Sapphire birthstone
October – Opal, Tourmaline birthstone
November – Yellow Topaz, Citrine birthstone
December – Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite birthstone

The origin of the birthstone comes from the bible and the 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The gemstones correspond to the signs of the zodiac at that time.

Once you've chosen your personalization elements for the birthstone pendant, the only thing left for you to do is enjoy the thanks that you receive for your thoughtful gift.

Vacation Inspired Jewelry

As the weather heats up and the stores stock the racks with sundresses, shorts and tank tops, the jewelry of the moment is inspired by the cool colors of vacations to tropical locations. Here are some baubles that will help to remind you of paradise abroad.

Shells – Authentic sea shell jewelry is both beautiful and unique, but this year, why not try something new and equally as stunning? Shell shaped charms, pendants and drop earrings are absolutely eye-catching when adorned with rhinestones or CZ in a pave setting. Sterling silver jewelry starfish shapes are delicate and can up the style quotient when worn in jewelry sets.

Sterling silver starfish jewelry
Palm Tree Shapes – Inspired by the swaying trees of far-off destinations, a palm tree pendant necklace can add a beach vibe to classic pieces. Worn by celebrities such as Kate Hudson, you can recall memories of your favorite vacation spots with this tropical treat.
Palm tree jewelry
Fish – With a colorful coat of scales, these underwater creatures look phenomenal when worn as sterling silver jewelry adorned with precious gems. From royal blue to aquamarine, tropical fish inspired jewelry makes a great statement necklace or cocktail ring. For an Asian inspired look, look for a Koi fish piece in red, orange and yellow. You'll be sure to make a splash!
Fish jewelry
Flowers – Hawaiian flavors abound, flowers like the orchid look great when set with colorful stones in a statement necklace. Asymmetrical multi-strand tropical flower necklaces are chic and stylish as ever this year. For a more understated look, small flower earrings, such as those donned by starlet Hayden Panettiere can make anyone glow.

Flower jewelry
It's easy and inexpensive to incorporate a beachy vacation vibe that will get you thinking about bright sunny days lounging at a poolside cabana or a beach side hide-a-way. Simply don a piece or two of jewelry inspired by your destination.