Sterling Silver Bracelets: A Unique Piece of jewelry

Women have been fond of the jewelry since centuries and the jewelry trends are different across different parts of the world. For example in Middle East and South Asia the gold jewelry is still very popular and extensively used whereas in the western world the situation has been changed and the silver and cubic zirconia based jewelry is making its place. This due to the latest trends introduced in the Hollywood industry the younger generation is showing increased trend towards the jewelry other than the conventional gold jewelry. The bracelet is an essential part of the modern jewelry and even boys are using different bracelets as casual wear. Bracelets are available in the market of varying designs and prices, the most common sterling silver bracelets and cubic zirconia bracelets.

Silver jewelry is considered as the pure silver and can be used to make costly jewelry. Sterling silver bracelets are of different styles and great number of shapes. These bracelets are equally popular among the men and the women and they are known for enhancing the personality of the person if worn according to the right selection.

There many varieties ands styles of silver bracelet. The simple sterling silver bracelets are used on various casual occasions and these are available in the form of simple chains and the typical ropy style. These are used in the two basic types known as thin and thick chains. Cuff bracelets are in trend now a day and these are a bit heavy type of bracelets. These are used on both casual and formal occasions. These can be embedded with precious gems or pearls for adding more attraction to this jewelry item. The charm silver bracelets are used to symbolize something special in a relationship. These are gifted to show love, eternity and deep affection for some one. Many people attach various stones with the bracelets to become somewhat lucky. Friendship bracelets are also very popular and one of the hottest jewelry items. These bracelets have very unique and trendy designs having clasps to handle the bracelet easily. These may be available in the simpler form or very decorative friendship bracelets can be gifted.

Sterling silver rings – Advantages and utilities

In the first decade of the twenty first century almost all the countries in the world have suffered economically and the inflation has increased manifold. The prices of all the marketable goods have increased and the life has become more and more difficult. The jewelry which has obsessed an ordinary as well as an elite class woman is now very costly and the prices are unaffordable even for the well established families. But thanks to technology and the science who have come up with the solution in the form of silver sterling jewelry. Chemically this is an alloy. This is made by mixing different metals with different amounts of silver. These metals are very inexpensive as compared to the silver jewelry, gold and platinum. In this way the jewelry is made with low consumption cost and is offered in the market for sale. This is often called the fashion jewelry.

By fashion jewelry we usually mean the jewelry which is most trendy and is being worn by the celebrities. No doubt most of us look towards our favorite celebrities for the latest fashion and designs. It is true that the fashion jewelry is the trendy jewelry and is available in the latest designs in the market but it is not made up of the pure materials like gold, platinum or silver. But it is made up of cheap material which gives the same look as do these precious metals. There is a vast variety of silver sterling jewelry which is available in the market and the most common are the necklaces, Sterling silver rings, eternity rings, promise ring, friend ship bands and bracelets.

This list is far from being complete and you can every piece of jewelry in this material. sterling silver ring are very cheap and easily affordable for all income groups. Thus it has become an obsession of the woman of the present age to have the silver sterling jewelry. The quality of the material is so stunning that the difference can never be made unless told by the wearer. This material has solved a big problem of those who love each other and want to give gifts to show the warmth of their love and emotions to their beloved ones.

Advantages of cubic zirconia jewelry

Elegant in looks and exhibiting exemplary craftsmanship, Cubic zirconia jewelry is the fashion of the day. No matter what occasion it is, you will find each and every piece from bracelets, rings, earrings, Necklaces, nose rings, pendants to ankle bracelets made of CZ. The ability to have different color coatings on it makes it an imitation not only for the diamond but also for other precious gemstones. It is available in white or colorless material and serves as an imitation to the diamond. The brilliance of the cubic zirconia is sometimes more than the diamond itself. It is usually considered that the CZ can only be used as an alternate to the diamond. Let me make it clear that it is not true.

To explore it further, take a look at the different colors in which CZ is available and the gemstones for which these colors can be and are being used as exact replicas. A very famous and well known color of CZ is the pink one and it is also used as the replica of different pink color gemstones available in the market. Blue sapphire is very popular nowadays. The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has made it even popular and it will be getting more and more as the marriage of the couple approaches near and near. The engagement ring of Kate contains a blue sapphire which is surrounded by fourteen diamonds.

The couple is intended to get married in early 2011. cubic zirconia available in blue color and white crystalline color is being used to make many replicas of this ring which has become a hot cake in the market. Either you are a fan of Kate or the late Diana; you will be looking for the same ring to express your love for them. CZ has made it possible to have a similar ring in your fingers at a very affordable price. Another very popular color with the CZ is green and it gives a look of green emerald. A very interesting color associated with CZ is the purple color which gives a look like purple amethyst. CZ has made it possible for everyone to wear diamonds and have all their jewelry desires fulfilled.

Cubic Zirconia – the best fashion jewelry

Among all types of imitation jewelry of diamond and other precious gemstones, the best is that of cubic zirconia. They are believed to be the next fashion trend in the jewelry. They have become most popular in recent years and everyone wants to purchase them because they bear very low price tags. Originally Cubic zirconia is a mineral of metal zircon. Not abundant in nature but this beautiful gemstone can be easily synthesized in the laboratories. It takes after diamond and has become the integral part of every woman’s jewelry collection. It is used in almost all pieces of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, Necklaces and pendants. Originally discovered in 1892, this gemstone could not become commercially profitable because its occurrence in nature is very rare.

The most important part in making it available for all and sundry was played by some German and Soviet scientist who succeeded in making its crystals in the laboratory. This is a colorless compound but jewelers are using it in different colors by applying artificial dies and electroplating. It is crystalline and flawless material and most of the jewelers call it a D grade diamond as far as its color, glare and shine is concerned. The ability to disperse the light it shines brilliantly and no body can recognize it until the wearer tells himself about its material. It is harder than many other materials which are being used as replicas of diamond. Another quality of this material is that it has more weight as compared to diamond. To be precise, it is 0.65 times heavier than the diamond.

It is the artistic production and the innovative creations of the jewelers that they have come out with stunning designs of jewelry in this material. Form this material heart rings, celebrity engagement rings, promise rings, eternity rings and many more are being reproduced by the artistic hands of the jewelers. Although it is an imitation of the diamond yet its charm is not less than the diamond. You can easily afford a diamond ring or a diamond necklace which is made up of zirconia. Thanks to nature for creating such an amazing gemstone which has given opportunity to fulfill the dreams of everyone who wants to wear diamond jewelry.

Engagement rings – How to select the best ring for engagement?

We want to imitate those whom we love and idealize. The celebrities are the personalities whom we love and idealize and the imitation is the must result of this love. The fans of the Kate Middleton and Prince William found something to imitate at last when in last November they got engages finally. It is said that they had a courtship of eight years before finally reaching this decision that they should shape their relation into an everlasting one. Previously college fellows both of them remained in news for their friendship and love affair. Kate Middleton engagement ring is said to be the most precious possession of the Prince William. It is related to his special memories about her mother, Princess Diana.

It is the same engagement ring worn by her mother. She chose it from many Engagement rings presented to her after engagement since she was not presented with one at the time of engagement. The fans have gone crazy about this ring and the ring is expected to launch thousands of copycats. The dream of every fan of Kate and Diana is to get the similar ring on their engagements from their loving future husbands. This ring has suddenly become the darling of the crowd who are going to be engaged or married this year. Eternity rings need to be selected after considering many factors. Many people like to present diamond rings to their fiancée. Some like gold and silver rings. The richness of the material is important to consider. The fashion jewelry such as cubic zirconia uses such quality material that the jewelry remains intact for long time. The everlasting nature and the striking resemblance to the gold, silver and diamond makes them perfect alternates of theses precious materials.

The trend towards the Silver jewelry also makes these materials popular among the people. No matter what material you want to purchase, fashion jewelry affords for all materials with striking resemblance but low prices. With the advancement in the technology has helped online business to flourish and the jewelers are also starting online business to reach the customer’s home. This also helps the customer to get the best available jewelry at the suitable price.

Kate Middleton ring – a nice engagement ring to have

There has been a lot of discussion on the media and among the fans about the friendship of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The two are engaged at last. But the buzz about their engagement is much intense as compared to their friendship. Engagement rings get special heed when these events occur. Same is the case with both these and there is a lot of discussion about the engagement ring Prince William gave to her fiancée. It is actually a sapphire with the most beautiful diamonds around it. This is actually the same engagement ring which presented by Prince Charles to Princess Diana Spencer back in 1981. So, it has also got the attentions of Diana’s fans that number in millions.

Kate Middleton engagement ring is a family heirloom of the royal family. Its worth is round about 2, 65,000 U.S.D and keeps a long and amazing history. Kate Middleton ring is not the most costly ring a lady received on her engagement. There are other celebrities who received more costly engagement rings. But this ring is special in a sense that it has a unique history and a perpetually modern design. Since its appearance on the media it has become the fashion ring for engagement in the market. The women and girls love to have it in their collection and they love to put it in their fingers. They are crazy about it because of its immense exquisiteness and uniqueness. If you are going to be engaged and looking for a eternity rings, purchasing a ring in this design will be a great idea and an amazing gift for your fiancée.

If you are worried about its worth, you can get it in a very affordable price with other materials such as cubic zirconia which give exactly the same look as original. Special things deserve someone special to own them and the same was said by Price William for the ring he presented to Kate. Both the ring and Kate are special for him and they are perfect match for each other. You also can get a perfect match for your beauty, an eighteen carat sapphire with glaring diamonds.

Engagement rings – Things to know before purchasing an engagement

Engagement rings are special rings which everyone has to buy at least once in life. Either you want to buy a diamond ring or an imitation of diamond; you should know all the terminology related to the diamond and the engagement rings. If you will visit a jewelers shop without any preparation and knowledge of the diamond before hand, you will be facing a jumble of words. The jewelers take few minutes to describe the vast range of the rings which they have and use the words like carat, cut, clarity, color, metal and gemstone names, the fashion jewelry material names etc. If you have no knowledge of these terms you will not be able to decide the best ring for your future bride.

The selection and purchase of the ring for engagement involves financial as well as emotional considerations. Nowadays the Kate Middleton engagement ring is very much in fashion due to the popularity of Kate and Prince William and the attachment of the ring to the late Princess Diana. If you visit a jeweler and he tells you that the ring is a blue sapphire and it is surrounded by fourteen brilliantly low cut diamonds and the sapphire is eighteen carat, you will find it difficult to understand what the quality of the ring is and how much does it worth if you are not familiar with the terms carat and the sapphire or you do not know what is high cut or low cut diamond.

Although you find it very difficult to know about these terms yet it will guarantee you a success in choosing the best ring for your beloved and will help you win an appraisal from her. Moreover, you will not get confused by the words spoken by the jeweler and will find it easy to focus on your selection rather than focusing on the word jumble. Another important tip in this regard is to know what is the choice of your future bride about the rings and the gemstones? If you exactly know about her likes and dislikes, you will be in a very good position to purchase an eternity ring for her. The cubic zirconia is very much useful in this regard. It gives the look of diamond but is actually artificial. The prices are very low for the sterling silver rings.

Kate Middleton engagement ring – the myth and the reality

The celebrities are the trend setters and there is a lot of buzz about the jewelry, outfitters, cars, hairstyles and much more of these celebrities. People love them and their all belongings. They want to be like them by wearing the similar outfitters and jewelry to their ideal celebrities. When it comes to engagement and wedding, the engagement and wedding of the celebrities are a hot issue on the media and the fans of these celebrities. They love to talk and listen about their styles and fashions. Such and event took place recently and became the hot issue. The second in line for British throne, Prince William was engaged to his long said girlfriend and college fellow, Kate Middleton. She is gorgeous and deserves to be the queen of the throne.

Where there is an engagement, there is an engagement ring. The engagement rings of celebrities are of special topic for the discussion. Similar is the case with this engagement. The Kate Middleton engagement ring has also attained the special attention and has become the craze for her fans. Every girl wants to get a similar one from her guy. Kate Middleton ring is said to be the same ring which was presented by Prince Charles to his beloved, the late Princess Diana. Now the young Prince has presented his mother’s engagement ring to her love and fiancée. As soon as it came on the news and was seen by the fans of the Kate as well as Diana, they are going mad for it. The markets are full of this design and it has become a hot cake. Eternity rings do signify the love of the presenters to their beloved ones. All the girls are expecting the same from their boys. This is a very precious and costly ring but there is no price of love and sincerity.

If you cannot afford this ring, you still have the choice. You can get the same design at affordable prices which use the cubic zirconia instead of the diamonds. Cubic zirconia is a great replica of the diamond and at very low rate. Get a ring like this and let your girl’s dreams come true.

Kate Middleton engagement ring – the dream of every girl

Engagements are the first steps towards realization of the union of those couples who love and care for each other. When it comes to engagements, Engagement rings are a must discussion. Every guy and girl wishes to have something very special for this auspicious occasion to offer to the most special person in his or her life. A man wishes to give his most special belonging to the one who is most special for him in this world. A testimony of this statement was seen in November when the royal family of Great Britain announced the engagement of the second in line for throne, Prince Will and Kate Middleton.

The expression of the Prince at this occasion were very amazing and true representative of his love for both, his mother princes Diana and his future wife Kate. He has presented Kate with the most precious ring for him. It was his mother’s simple and exquisiteness ring which she chose from many eternity rings presented to her by Prince Charles after their engagement. Kate Middleton engagement ring has been on the high as far as its design is concerned. Will has claimed that this ring was his most special asset and as is Kate for him. So, he decided to unite them. It is also a way to share the happiness and excitement of the event with his mother. Soon after its appearance on the media, Kate Middleton ring has attained the heed from the late Diana’s fans and also from those who are getting engaged in the near future.

A brief description of this celebrity inspired jewelry will give you an idea about its adorable attractiveness. This ring is oval in shape and contains cubic zirconia which blue in color. This blue sapphire is elegantly surrounded by a circle of fourteen shining and well cut diamonds. All this is arranged on a cluster setting in an eighteen K white gold band. This selection depicts Diana simplicity. She belonged to middle class and she chose a ring according to her background. The spell of Diana’s personality and her fans’ craziness for this ring has left no option for the designers and jewelers except to come up with replica rings at different rates and in different sizes.