Silver jewelry – house chores

The amount of silver that is lost in the process of refurbishing the new looks and appearance through the process of buffing, grinding and polishing in the silver jewelry of various kinds, is huge. When you add on the costs towards the polishing processes and the costs of the silver lost from the original weight of the product, there you could realize that there is a huge amount of money that you had already lost. This loss could have been avoided completely if in case you are maintaining your silver jewelry from the day one that you purchased.

Remember some of these primordial facts about the silver jewelry in special.

House chores

It is so commonly witnessed among the homemakers to wear their silver jewelry and golden ornaments while washing clothes in the yard or even while doing dishwashing. Whether they do it for a pride or show off to others to display their potential, it is a different issue. However, when it comes to the maintenance part of the silver jewelry rinsing them in water and then exposing them to soaps and chemical preservatives for long hours during house chores is something suicidal to these items. They will not last even for a short span of time in that case.

You could notice the immediate darkening of the silver jewelry in due course of time when you wear them all through out the day. Even the sweat in the hands or in the neck could readily react with the outer coatings and the impurities present in the metal to start to deteriorate the metal surface. The warping and abrasion that takes place in the outer thin films of the surface of the metal soon start to eat away a lot of original silver metal itself during the process of corrosion. If left unnoticed about all the ongoing chemical reactions in the silver jewelry that you are wearing, you will soon lose half of the original weight of the product.

Even if you take them to the repair shops they cannot recover the new looks without sacrificing further more silver metal out of it. The impurities present in the sterling silver jewelry are ever ready to react with the atmosphere. Silver rings should be wiped off from the sweat as often as possible. Similarly, the silver bracelets and silver necklaces should also be taken care same ways to prevent catching up with the moisture.

Silver and its additives

Purest form of gold and silver are not good enough to be made into fine ornaments, utensils and decorative products for usage. It is because of the nature of the metals originally when they are obtained hundred percent pure. These metals in the purest form do not minutes traces of the copper, zinc, silicon, boron and other impurities that actually adds on the porosity, fire strength and many other physical and chemical properties. The soft pure form of silver cannot be ductile enough or even malleable to make the ornaments out of it. Hence, it is customary to add on impurities to the purest forms of silver that are obtained from the smelter.

The interesting fact is that the smelter plants in the trade always research and try to find out the best possible techniques to obtain the purest forms of metal from the commonly available ores of the metal. For this, they spend huge amounts of money towards research as well as production too. The several processes that are involved for manufacturing the purest forms of metal are continuously being improvised in their standards of production. Necessary improvisation techniques are installed in different areas to obtain the best form of silver metals.

Still after obtaining such high quality silver metals of the purest kind, it becomes necessary to add certain traces of impurities in order to add on the desired strength to the silver. The amounts of impurities that are added determine the specific quality of the silver, which is known to the chemical experts. The predetermined proportions of the copper, zinc and nickel are blended with the silver. One such prime commodity is renowned popularly in the market as the sterling silver. All those valuable jewels that are made out in this fashion are called as the sterling silver jewelry.

The scope is quite unlimited as you can make any kind of jewels, as you would like to make out of this malleable and ductile metal. The sterling silver bracelets are quite famous in the international markets along with the charms around them in different attractive designs. Similarly, the sterling silver earrings are greatly attractive and do have variety of designs in them. Online websites are available in the internet to choose your kind of designs and models while comparing costs as well. Some of the latest and hottest commodities could be purchased from the comfort of your own dwelling places.

The Great Jewelry

Silver jewelry is made with gemstones and precious metals. Silver jewelry makes your skin glow even more, the more you wear the prettier you look. People all around the world opt for Silver Jewelry The Westerns, The Eastern and most of all The Middle Easterns. The Golden rings are out and the Silver rings ones are in and it’s also cheaper than the gold, it makes the brides hands look beautiful than ever. And Sterling Silver Rings are more loved than the simple ones. It makes their day beautiful and it feels like heaven. Women in America and Europe wear silver jewelry on their wedding day with their white wedding dream dress. Women in Pakistan usually opt for Silver Necklaces for there third event of their wedding, “walima” as they call it. More than 50 percent in Pakistan, women wear Silver Jewelry.

A Silver Necklace is also known as a romantic gift from their beloved husbands, Silver Necklaces are also filled with care and love according to old women. Usually Silver Jewelry looks better in light colored cloths. It’s delicate and good enough to show of your expanses. Wearing it with a turquoise dress, especially the Silver Necklace reminds you of the beach and the clear blue sky. With a pink dress, and shows the kindness of the person if a person knows how to read colors, and so on the list goes for different colors wearing silver jewelry on it.

You can also wear Silver Necklaces on a cute shirt or shalwar kameez, it never gets old. But the real Silver Jewelry gets black, if it’s touched by water a tiny bit or when it is left uncovered (keeps it wrapped in a plastic bag). When the heat from your body touches the silver, it gets black. So you should take care of your jewelry with love and care. You can’t do your daily activities wearing Silver Rings e.g. wash dishes, so you have to take off your wedding ring. That is the disadvantage for the Silver Jewelries. Just on the safe side, you can get it back to normal by dipping it in hot water, put some detergent in it and brush it with your old toothbrush or using toothpaste and brushing it on your Silver Necklace. This is the process opted by the majority. Plus point, Silver Jewelry looks perfect on every color worn on a woman.

Silver Jewelry Necklaces

Jewelries are daily accessories that have been part of many people, mostly females. Jewelries are a big part of most ladies’ everyday getup. Jewelries can be categorized by their own classification, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, and other things that used to accessorize the body. Jewelries come in many shapes, sizes, weight, and made. Shapes of jewelries are endless. They can come in many forms, from people’s name, design of any character, symbols, and many other shapes that can be made to as jewelry. Sizes of jewelries also vary from a very small flower earring to a big dangling one. Jewelries are also made from many different materials, which having gold and silver as the famous ones, though it can also come on other materials like plastics, woods, alloy (mixture of metals), etc.

Among the many things that can be made up as jewelry, the most widely used jewelry is a silver jewelry. Compare to gold, silver jewelries are much cheaper than gold jewelries. Not only that, but jewelries made out of silver can be easily paired just about to any color of clothes. It has a fair shade of natural color that can easily blend to any other color, unlike the gold that having the yellowish shade can be picky sometimes to match in any color of clothes.

From among the type of silver jewelries, silver necklace is the type that is mostly seen worn by both female and male. The reason maybe for this is because the color silver has no exact color affinity, meaning, that it has no gender preference, unlike the color pink, which is really associated to females, and the color blue which is originally associated to male gender, although nowadays pink can also be seen worn by male, and blue are also seen worn by female alike.

Silver necklaces though are cheap, but yet, they still carry the sense of class and being casual at the same time. It can be easily worn by any people to just about any occasion. Whether as it is a casual gathering, a street party, formal meetings, silver necklaces or silver bracelets can play a major role in embellishing the look of a certain person or an individual. They may not stand out in a crowd, unlike gold necklaces, but then again, it still carries the touch of elegance paired with the right matching clothes.