Sterling Silver Jewelry: How to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are many different types of silver jewelry on the market today. Sterling silver jewelry is one of the main types of silver jewelry. In order to make what you buy be good value for money, we'd better know about how to buy sterling silver jewelry you want?
Sterling silver jewelry: rings
Sterling silver jewelry: earrings

Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% metal alloy. Silver products sometimes may be marked 925 which means that 925 parts per thousand are pure silver. Fine silver is normally considered too soft to use for most items. It is 99.9% pure silver. Some jewelry may be described as silver plate: a layer of silver is bonded to a base metal. The mark coin silver is used for compounds that contain 90% silver.

Silver jewelry is usually less expensive than gold jewelry. And silver jewelry can match anything you wear. When you buy silver jewelry, make sure that you are buying sterling silver jewelry. Generally, sterling silver jewelry is almost marked with the numbers "925". Maybe this is the highest quality of silver you can buy. Sterling silver jewelry comes in one quality - sterling silver.

In order to make sterling silver jewelry twinkling, you must clean and polish your sterling silver jewelry regularly. Maybe one week is a good period.

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