The Perfect Accessory for your Holiday Party

It's never too early to start thinking about what you'll be wearing to all those holiday parties. From work soirees to family gatherings and nights out with friends, winter calendars fill up quickly with all kinds of events and excuses to get together and get dressed up. But this year, it's going to be more about understated elegance and a return to basics as women pinch pennies and opt for fashion and jewelry that is affordable as well as stylish. Some of the best (and least expensive) accessories for looking fab are cubic zirconia rings.
CZ ringsCZ rings are fun, flirty and festive for the holidays. They work well with cocktail attire like a LBD, velvet pantsuit or blouse and skirt combination. Cubic zirconia rings add a dab of color and spontaneity to any outfit, while not being too over the top, like some hard to wear trends. Plus, cubic zirconia rings are a welcome escape from other pieces of jewelry that might cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. What's great is that these CZ rings look almost identical to the real thing. Plus, with a budget friendly price tag, you might be able to afford more than one.

Our top picks of CZ rings for the up and coming holiday season include those that use bold color. Go for a ring set in gold tone and accented with a giant gem in red, green, blue or black. This is the perfect go-to accessory for an office Christmas party, a family gathering or a cocktail reception. CZ rings are great for dressing up an outfit and keeping your pocketbook in check. So plan ahead and start scooping up CZ jewelry for the season ahead. You'll get the best selection now, plus you can even start wearing these accessories right away.

Get the Look of the Emmys – for Less

It's always fun to watch the red carpet arrivals for events like the Emmys. This year was no exception, with some beautiful starlets dazzling in gorgeous gowns and delectable diamonds. But what a lot of women may not realize that the jewelry styles you see on your favorite silver screen actress are readily available in the form of CZ jewelry. In fact, many retailers create celeb inspired CZ jewelry that is a near replica of what you saw on TV. Here's what was hot this year:
Celebrity JewelryChandelier earrings – Starlets like Leighton Meester, Heidi Klum and Mila Kunis complimented their dresses with drops that were quite noteworthy, albeit quite pricy as well. However, you can achieve the same wow factor with cubic zirconia jewelry accented with colorful crystals and set in gold or silver tone.

Giant gems – The ever awe-inspiring Drew Barrymore hit a fashion high note in a gorgeous blush colored floor length gown. She sported megawatt shine with several carats in each ear. To get this look, simply try cubic zirconia jewelry with statement stones. The clarity and resilience of cz jewelry is unparalleled, even to diamonds.

Cuff bracelets – Beauties Kate Walsh and January Jones paired fabulous cuffs with very different looks. The former Grey's Anatomy star accented a Grecian cut with a thick cuff, while the Mad Men actress added simple sparkle to a gown with a geometric neckline. Both of these ladies were fashion winners in our book, as they let the cut of the dress be the center of attention, and chose to keep the accessories simple and understated. To imitate their style, check out cubic zirconia jewelry with smaller stones set closely together. Cubic zirconia is also great for adding some glam to a tried and true ensemble which requires an extra boost.

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Frugal and Fabulous Jewelry for fall

Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot to do so. In fact, some of the biggest trend setters in Hollywood – like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker – like to mix and match high end and low end pieces to create unique looks that are coveted by many. They’ll take a designer skirt and pair it with a thrift store tee. Now, you can take a cue from these savvy shoppers as you try out the latest gemstones for fall – in the form of CZ jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and jewelry sets.
Fashion StyleCZ jewelry is a great way for any fashionista on a budget to get in on what’s hot. Cubic Zirconia jewelry so closely rivals the real thing, that it’s hard to tell the difference anymore between what’s real and what’s fake. If you’ve seen a celeb jewelry style that you adore, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to find a replica of it in the form of cubic zirconia jewelry. It’s leading lady fashion for just a fraction of the cost.

Sterling silver jewelry works well for any season, but it’s especially popular this year. Go for bold pieces like wide cuff bracelets and chunky chains that work well with heavier fabrics. Sterling silver jewelry is affordable to own, makes a great gift and will work for many seasons to come. Many women have sterling silver jewelry that is engraved. Functional and fashionable, sterling silver jewelry is a must-have accessory staple.

Jewelry sets are a fabulous find this fall. From casual cool to dress up chic, jewelry sets help you to create a pulled together look that is perfectly polished. Most often, you’ll find that jewelry sets some with bracelets and pair of earrings, which is great because you always have the option to wear one or the other. Plus, you can mix and match with other pieces in your jewelry box for even more possibilities.

Different types of Cocktail Rings

Sure, you've probably seen a ring or two that you love on the finger of a celeb. And you've probably lusted after a huge rock in the window of a jewelry store. While most of us can’t afford to run right out and drop a pretty penny on these styles, it doesn't mean that we can't still get the same look with cubic zirconia rings that pack all the punch as the real thing – but come with a discounted price tag.

Cubic zirconia statement rings – This style is increasingly popular this year. It includes CZ rings with oversize center stones, as well as CZ rings with a design that uses many stones to create a "wow!" factor.
Angelina Jolie CZ rings and earrings
Animal inspired CZ rings – If you want to add a little fun fierce fashion to your wardrobe, animal inspired cubic zirconia rings are the way to go. Choose from bejeweled insects to ocean animals to jungle creatures. Or, go for a design that uses tiger, zebra or cheetah stripes in the form of a CZ ring. These are great for adding interest to any outfit – from jeans and a t-shirt to an all black ensemble.

Rock and roll inspired CZ rings – This year, dark stones, spiked rings and studded designs are favored both on and off stage. If you want to try this trend, cubic zirconia rings are a great option, as they let you infuse just the right amount of edge into your outfit.

Cut out rings – If you want to try something a little different, opt for classic shapes, but choose from cutout cubic zirconia rings with hearts, stars, or horseshoes. These pieces are fun for younger women but also work for middle aged fashionistas who are young at heart.

Whatever your taste or preference, you can be sure that you can find what you're looking for in the form of cubic zirconia rings. These pieces are fashion-friendly and budget conscious.

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Best Jewelry for 2009

As People magazine is ready to hit the shelves with their own "Best and Worst Dressed" of the year, so are we ready to make our selections on the hits and misses of fashion jewelry. With a myriad of trends fighting for the spotlight, not every one of them is bound to be a winner. But there are some great pieces – from sterling silver jewelry to budget friendly CZ jewelry that are making us swoon. That said, here's what's hot so far for 2009.

Kevin Jonas Engagement Jewelry1) jewelry sets – These all in one accessory packs are great for the fashionista on a budget. Jewelry sets are great for making an outfit look pulled together and pretty. Choose from bejeweled pieces like CZ jewelry sets to daytime friendly sets with big bold beads and lots of personality. Mix and match jewelry sets with pieces that you already have in your jewelry box for maximum versatility and wear.

2) Sterling silver jewelry – Many women have turned from pricy gold pieces to sterling silver jewelry as an affordable alternative. Sterling silver jewelry looks great with just about anything in your closet, and it will last you for years to come. Sterling silver jewelry is considered a fashion classic for women of any age and with so many new styles to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your taste.

3) CZ jewelry – It may be a sign of the economic times or just a growing trend among smart and savvy shoppers, but CZ jewelry is growing in popularity. Whether it's a great cocktail ring, a statement necklace or a fabulous cuff bracelet, you can find CZ jewelry that looks just as great as the real thing.

4) Layering – In the past, the trend has been for 'less is more', but this year, women are having more fun with their looks. Chalk it up to escapism through fashion, but the masses love the layering of jewelry. From long necklaces to bangles, you can't go wrong when you pile it on.

How to Clean Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Just as it's important to properly clean and launder your clothing, it's essential to clean CZ jewelry to keep it looking its best. Cubic zirconia is a man made stone that rivals the clarity and resilience of diamonds. Priced affordably and available in the latest jewelry trends, cubic zirconia makes a great statement and an ideal gift. Once you've made your purchase, you should pay careful attention to the storage and cleaning of your jewelry so you can get the most mileage out of your buy.
CZ jewelryYou can easily clean cubic zirconia jewelry with a special jewelry cloth. Or, use a soft dry cloth made of cotton or flannel, just as you would to clean your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Use straight back and forth movements, instead of circular motions, which could scratch or damage your jewelry. The good thing about cubic zirconia is that it is very hard and dense, meaning that it’s difficult to damage.

Once you've removed the surface dirt, use mild soap and warm water to remove harder residue. Use a cotton swab or a cosmetic applicator sponge to get in hard to reach places. You can also buy CZ jewelry cleaner at the time of purchase.

Some women choose to steam clean their cubic zirconia jewelry. However, it's important to use care and caution when using this method. Be sure to wear protective gloves or use tongs to avoid burns. After steaming your jewelry, wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Store CZ jewelry in an airtight plastic baggie, a lined jewelry box or a soft jewelry pouch. The main thing here is keeping your jewelry out of the outside air, which carries dust and dirt. If you take good care of your jewelry, it should last you for many seasons and many years to come, making it a smart purchase.

Street Smart Jewelry

In fashion, trends come and go so quickly, it's hard to keep up with what's hot and what's not. So when you find something that has true staying power, it's like a breath of fresh air. These are the items that can be worn time and time again and will work with many pieces from your wardrobe. We decided to focus in on a few of our favorite picks for this season's fun and affordable fashion jewelry. These selections will work for the fall and winter months ahead, as well as take you into spring in style. Now that's what we call staying power!Evelyn's Oval Cut CZ Magnetic BraceletCZ jewelry is a great way to adopt some of the latest and greatest fashion trends, plus you don't have to spend a lot to look glam. Whether you plan on rocking a baublicious cocktail ring or a statement necklace, CZ jewelry is your best bet to looking fantastic without spending a lot. Contrary to popular belief, CZ jewelry isn't just for special events. In fact, it's being worked into everyday casual looks as well.

You can also look into jewelry sets, if you want to get the most mileage out of your accessories. Jewelry sets with sparkly stones are great for dressier occasions, while those with oversize beads or stones can be fun and playful for daytime looks. The best of jewelry sets is that you can break them up or wear them together. By mixing and matching you can create many different looks with just one purchase.Terri's Magnetic Bracelet- Purple & Red CZsSterling silver jewelry makes a great base for any outfit. Best of all, its versatility means that you'll be able to wear it for many months and seasons to come. Sterling silver jewelry has long been considered a classic fashion accessory, but designers are constantly introducing new styles and settings that keep it fresh and relevant to today's trends.

Fashionable CZ Jewelry Sets

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Haute Homecoming Jewelry

Now that school has started and football season is in full swing, it's time for many teen girls to start thinking about homecoming activities, including the big dance. As the first major social event of the year, it's important to look your best from head to toe. And this year, you can get some great deals on jewelry that will complete your look without emptying your wallet. Check out our top picks for budget friendly finds that are fabulously fashionable as well.

Jewelry sets are a great option for homecoming jewelry. The bracelet and earring combination can be worn together, separately or mixed and matched. There are some great modern styles that will compliment any party dress. This season, the top picks for jewelry sets are big bold beads, multi-strand bracelets and statement bracelets. Save money by going with a simple black dress and fun accessories that will put you at the top of the best dressed list.Emerald jewelry setAnother option is CZ jewelry. This depends on how fancy your school's homecoming dance is, but CZ jewelry is a gorgeous and inexpensive statement. Choose from styles that are modern, retro (think geometric edgy pieces or art deco) or vintage inspired. Play around with pieces until you find ones that work for you and are age appropriate. Try CZ jewelry with bright stones and bold settings that are youthful and fun.Charming jewelry setIf your dance is more on the casual side, then opt for classic jewelry, such as sterling silver jewelry. You can't go wrong with a new pendant necklace, a charm bracelet or a great pair of dangly earrings. Plus, sterling silver jewelry is versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis, so you'll get your wear out of it for many months to come.

Bridal Jewelry for Every Budget

A wedding is the most expensive type of party you'll ever throw and you're sure to want to look your best from head to toe. Finding the perfect dress is part of the overall look, which will come to life with the right hair and makeup, shoes, and of course, the jewelry. Bridal jewelry is key, because you want to have a look that will capture attention and look fabulous in all of your photographs. But just because your accessories need to steal the scene, doesn't mean they need to break the bank. Here, we take a look at some great bridal jewelry options to ensure a bride on a budget can indeed look amazing.

CZ jewelry is a favorite among brides. Packing lots of sparkle, CZ jewelry provides a wow factor that will get you noticed from the minute you walk in the room. Since the wedding day is supposed to be all about the bride, you should feel like a princess. Therefore, over the top jewels are perfectly acceptable, even encouraged. Depending on the style of your dress and the theme of your big day, choose CZ jewelry that compliments, but doesn't compete with your gown. CZ jewelry is available in everything from art deco to antique inspired to modern contemporary.

Another option for affordable bridal jewelry is jewelry sets. These will get you the most bling for your buck. Mostly sold as a necklace and earring combo, jewelry sets allow you pull together your look with complimentary pieces that are balanced and beautiful. Jewelry sets come in Cubic Zirconia, colored beads, pearls and metallics that will add a touch of class to your dress. They also make great bridal party gifts or accessories for the mother of the bride.CZ and sterling silver jewelrySterling silver jewelry is the way to go if you are having a low key wedding such as a garden or beach location. These pieces can be worn again and again for maximum value. They are also great bridesmaid gifts, and are versatile enough to go with any color scheme or type of gown. Choose from longer layered pieces or shorter statement pieces or pendants.

Fall's Fashion Jewelry

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