CZ Rings: Are They As Good As Diamond?

People choose diamond rings over other jewelries mainly because of their shiny look. But not everybody is capable of buying one of those costly little rings and money does not burn a hole in everyone’s pocket these days. What if you get an alternative to diamond rings with all the shiny, good designs but at a much cheaper price? It’s CZ rings we are talking about. You are going to be overwhelmed at the price of CZ rings. Lately, CZ rings have become the number one choice for many on an occasion such as weddings and engagements. Moreover, the price tags these rings carry may be as low as just $35 and as high as a thousand dollars. No matter what your budget is, you will surely find your perfect CZ ring in any kind of shape, size, color and metal.

Some Things to Understand
You should know about carat and color of CZs. Carat, color, clarity and cut are what determine the quality of cubic zirconia. And the final quality of the CZ stone is determined by the combination of the grades in these 4 categories. You should know that CZ stones and other synthetic stones weigh more than a genuine diamond. Fancies (the degree of color) in CZ stones may not be as high as in diamonds. Fortunately, CZ rings these days come in a variety of colors, from light yellow to radiant red.

Choosing CZ Over Diamond
The key reason why men and women like CZ rings is that CZs are much less expensive than diamonds. Even if you could afford a diamond ring, you would not bear the grief of losing it (being stolen for example). Replacing it could be very expensive. However, CZ rings might catch the attention of thieves just like diamonds do, but these are a lot cheaper to replace. CZ rings are very similar to real diamond rings. Because of their clarity and accurate faceting, CZ rings look notoriously beautiful on your fingers. Whether you are on a formal wedding or hanging out with friends at the local bar, CZ rings go with every type of dress-up.

Get Them Online
Yes. When you are shopping CZ rings from online stores, you are actually opening up to stores across the globe rather than your local mall. As a result, you get the extra advantage of a real price competition, and at the same time you have vast choices to make.

Cubic Zirconia Rings – Best Alternative To Diamond Rings

In today’s world, jewelry has become a statement about the style and personality of the person wearing it. Every woman likes to wear jewelry to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of her personality so that she can be the center of attraction. There are many accessories available for women from pair of earrings to beautifully designed handbags. One of the favorite pieces of jewelry is the ring especially the engagement ring. Any guy who is thinking of giving a gift to his mother, wife or girlfriend or any lady, he should consider giving Cubic Zirconia rings. As these rings are reasonably priced, most of the people are looking for a wide range of choices in these rings.

In order to meet the demands of the customers, many jewelry designers have introduced a huge array of Cubic Zirconia rings so that they can fulfill their customers’ desire of wearing a diamond like ring. It has become so popular in the market that guys have started giving this ring as an engagement ring and women love the idea of being presented with this ring at the time of proposal. The most common forms of these rings are available in gold and silver; however, it is important that the rings are bought from genuine store so that there are no chances that the rings are made from low quality material.

Since the demand of Cubic Zirconia rings is increasing at an accelerating rate, many shop owners have started offering customized rings so that the customers can get their rings designed in accordance to their preference and ensure that the ring is a true representation of their love and affection. Although the price of these rings is slightly less than diamond rings but if the rings are made from pure gold such as 24k then the price can get higher. Since these rings are part of the latest trend, many celebrities have started using these rings as their everyday wear.

These rings are the best option for young girls who are looking for a good collection of rings as they are available in sterling silver as well. The price range of sterling silver Cubic Zirconia rings is less as compared to gold ones and they are definitely within the affordable range of many women and girls. On various online stores, the rings are easily available and a lot of customers are doing online purchases so that they can do online shopping for the rings and get rid of the hurdle of visiting various physical stores.

Clip On Earrings – Who Doesn’t Love Them?

Earrings are among the valuable accessories of women and more than 80% women are seen wearing a pair of earrings on daily basis. The earrings are available in various forms and designs so that every woman is able to find a perfect pair of earrings for herself. Every woman prefers to have a good collection of clip on earrings that she can wear with utmost ease. Earrings are available in a huge variety in the market. These earrings are considered to the oldest from of rings that women have been wearing for ages. The easiest part of these clip-on earrings is that they can be attached to the ears with utmost ease and convenience. Women who do not like to get their ears pierced can avail the opportunity of wearing these earrings and don’t get suffer the pain of ear piercing.

The basic mechanism of the clip on earrings is similar in every design as there is a small clam that is placed on the ears with a mechanical pressure to keep the earrings in place. The front shell of the earring is usually a decorative piece and the back part shell is clamped at the back of the ear and ear lobe is placed in between these two shells. There are few chances that the high quality clip-on earrings get lost or fall off. As there are various options available for women in the market, it is crucial for them to make final decision wisely and properly.

There are many online stores that are selling these marvelous pieces of jewelry and it is highly recommended that people buy the earrings from a reliable store. If the clip-on earrings are made from low quality material, then there are more chances that the ears get damaged and some sever ear issues can be faced by the customers. Although the prices of branded clip-on earrings are slightly higher but they are worth the cost as they are made from the finest material and are durable as well. When any lady is looking for the perfect pair of earrings, then the foremost thing that needs to be done is get information about the latest designs and styles. Once details about the new clip-on earrings is gathered, the next thing is to compare among various brands in terms of the style, designs and price; the final selection should be made carefully so that the earrings look appealing when worn.

How to Care for Expensive Stud Earrings

There are a lot of available fashion jewelry out there that can be bought on the cheap, with a variety of colors, designs, and shapes, but investing in real and genuine gold, diamond, or pearl jewelry that lasts for a lifetime might be a good thing to consider, something you can hand down to your future daughters or grandchildren that makes memories remain forever.

If you want these expensive sparklers to retain their shining glory, then don’t take them for granted. Keep in mind that these things need some cleaning every once in a while in order to keep their exquisite splendor at bay.

Follow these steps to keep your stud earrings beautiful and stand the test of time.

For Diamond Earrings

After you’ve done your most extensive search for these shining beauties, it is time to know how to care properly for them. Diamonds are very beautiful when they are well-maintained, so wear them only on special occasions. As much as possible, wear them only indoors at parties. Don’t wear your expensive jewelry on everyday activities to prevent them from wearing off, losing them, cracking, or chipping.

Taking them to professional cleaners

Professional diamond cleaners are well-trained to keep your expensive diamonds shiny and pretty. They use specialized chemicals and high-tech equipment to clean these sparklers. Take your priceless stud earrings out for a trip to the diamond doctor for maintenance at least once a year, and they’ll surely reward you with an eternity of shiny bliss.

Do-it yourself cleaning

While your earrings are staying comfortable in your jewelry box, it also pays to clean your majestic rocks yourself. All you need are:

  • A cleaning brush (an old firm toothbrush would do)
  • A bath of warm soapy water, -or-
  • Commercially available cleaning products (they are products especially designed to clean diamonds)
All you have to do is soak your old toothbrush in the soap and water mixture, and with gentle sweeping stroke, clean your diamond earrings, and use firm sweeping strokes to remove stubborn dirt or grime.

For Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are very easy to care for and clean. Just keep in mind of the following and you’re sure to keep your pearls for a very long time:

  •  Store your pearl earrings in a cool space inside the cloth bag that comes with it. DO NOT put them in airtight containers as they will become brittle.
  •  Keep them away from any chemicals like perfume or hairspray. Do not wear them while doing rigorous exercise, or while bathing.
  •  Clean your pearls using a soft tissue soaked in warm water.
  • Once a year, do a personal cleaning by soaking these stud earrings in a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing soap. Soak them for about 20 minutes to remove any grime or accumulated dirt, and then rinse in warm running. Let your jewelry sit on a soft dry cloth for 30 to 40 minutes to allow them to dry.

For Gold stud earrings

Unlike pearl, gold stud earrings are very durable, although mishandling them can get scratches in your jewelry, so clean and protect your gold studs properly. Clean them using a few drops of dishwashing soap diluted in warm water. Using a cotton cloth or toothbrush, rub off dirt and grime. Rinse with warm water and allow drying over a clean and dry cotton cloth.

There are also cleaning products made especially for gold jewelry. It’s better if you use them to clean your earrings once in a while. Also, using polishing cloth alongside your cleaner will do a great deal to keep your stud’s golden shine.

With just a few simple steps, you can keep your stud earrings look as good as new every time.

Make your Wedding Ceremony sparkling with Cubic Zirconia Rings

A wedding is a very special ceremony for everyone; wedding is a day in which two people bind themselves together forever. Weddings are very expensive; to make this day special and extraordinary for bride and groom, parents spend a lot of money on it. Before the day arrives, it is very important to look at everything that you want to make it right.  The things in mind for wedding planning includes choosing a perfect venue, making a purchase of the most beautiful and elegant gown,  appointing an experienced photographer and taking care of other matters to make the day perfect for bride and groom. The bride has to take care of many things to make her wedding day memorable; jewelry for a wedding is an expensive task, to buy a perfect jewelry that is according to the budget of the bride. If the bride does not want to buy expensive wedding jewelry, then she can always consider budget-friendly options like cubic zirconia. Buying CZ jewelry will not break your budget; in fact, it is a true replica of real diamond jewelry.

Anyone who wants to give his love a sparkling beautiful diamond engagement ring without spending too high that will hit his wallet, then the best choice for you is to buy cubic zirconia ring. The material used in cubic zirconia is of hard substance similar to diamonds and it has the same glimpse of the diamond that is sparking and giving shiny look. Different colors are available in CZ diamonds and can carry out all your gem needs and interests at a portion of the cost. A bride can discover many online companies that are offering cubic zirconia rings and it is a fact that real eye cannot identify the difference between the real diamonds and cubic zirconia. CZ jewelry is easily available in the market and it is a better diamond copy. The best substitute of diamond in the fashion world is CZ. CZ is high quality jewelry available at a reasonable price.   

Women can get their cubic zirconia rings in gold, platinum, and silver or in metal according to their choice for wedding. There are varieties of CZ rings available in different designs and styles. Women can see a variety of colors, and fashionable cuts in CZ rings and they can buy CZ rings that are present in every shape and size. Unique and marvelous cubic zirconia rings are available for special wedding day.