Do you know the function of the silver Jewelry?

Do you find more and more fashionable girl like wear a variety style of silver jewelry-silver earring, rings, and necklaces in the streets? Silver has become the most pet accessories for girls because it’s simple, light, personality. And compared to the bulky old-fashioned silver jewelry, today's silver has a different temperament and style, with modern simple fashion; the gentle tide and quiet subtle elegance can be showed with the unique cold light of the silver. As the focus of fashion and personality elegant ladies and their inherent temperament, young women love it very much more and more.

In addition to elegant with wearing beautiful silver jewelry, there are a lot of advantages:

1) Wearing silver jewelry can keep away evil spirits.
2) The effectiveness of health care for us, because silver jewelry in a certain range can generate magnetic fields, releases a large number of silver ions and can stimulate energy.
3) Silver is the best metal of test the toxicity, the human body emit some "toxic" every day and silver jewelry can absorb these "toxins", and this is the reason of some people wear silver can become black.
4) Silver has bactericidal function, ensure water does not degenerate with silver bowl , such as skin ulcer disease can also be painted by daub the silver ion in the ulcer department, will enable the majority of bacteria to dead.
5) Silver can accurately reflect the jewelry wearer's health by jewelry gloss shading.

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