Egyptian Influence on Western Jewelry Trends

Fashion and jewelry have always drawn influence from different cultures, both near and far. But what you might not know is that many of the top picks of beauty editor's 'must have' accessories for this season are inspired by the ancient cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Long before celebrities walked the red carpets adorned with giant gemstones and stylish statements of fashion, Egyptians were creating arm bands, bracelets, earrings and collars for royalty hierarchy, wise scholars and skilled warriors. Today, these pieces have re-emerged into the limelight, as glamorous Hollywood 'It' girls and socialites don giant oversized gold cuffs, art deco themed chokers and arm bands reminiscent of ancient Egyptian culture.

Much of Egyptian culture has roots in architecture and those influences carry over into the intricate and beautifully adorned jewelry designs of the culture. Gold was a favorite, and rare precious gems such as the olive-hued Peridot were often used as accents and symbols of power. Now, we see celebrities such as Amy Adams wearing jewelry inspired by the Egyptian culture. The stunning statement necklace she wore to the recent Academy Awards ceremony was a cascade effect of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. It was a beauty that would make even Cleopatra jealous.

Another trend we can't seem to get enough of is the golden cuff bracelet. The serpent cuff bracelet adorned with gemstones for eyes is a hot seller that has been spotted on the arm of fashion mavens Madonna and Fergie. The beaded lotus cuff bracelet, which is accented with turquoise and blue grass stones looks almost Safari-like and is similar to the designs at many major department stores and retailers. Both of these cuffs are very similar to the arm bands worn by royal Egyptians in ancient times.

As evidenced by the patterns of modern day jewelry, it's easy to see the origin of these pieces dating back to Egyptian roots. From hammered metal pendants to ornate arm cuffs, the culture is carried on and adapted in many beautiful ways.

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