Origin of Earrings and Health

Onyx Art Deco EarringsFemales often wear earrings as part of their decorations. But do you know the origin of earrings? How much do earrings contribute to health?

There is a legend. Long time ago, a lady suffered eye disease and totally lose her sight. Later, she met a doctor, who had the confidence to cure her. The doctor pierced the lady's earlobes using a bright silver needle. Then miracle appeared: the lady was able to see again! In order to remember the doctor's favor, the lady found a silversmith to make a pair of earrings. After that, her eyes became brighter and brighter. With the spread of the lady's experience, more and more people began to wear earrings.

In fact, it has been confirmed that there is really an acupuncture point in the middle of the earlobe. Adequate stimulus on that acupuncture point will help protect eyesight and cure different kinds of eye disease. Perhaps it is hard to imagine these medically advantage of wear earrings.

Now females wear different kind of health jewelry, such as health rings, health necklaces, health earrings, health bracelets, etc. to make themselves become healthier. However, most females have more earrings than other jewelry. That makes sense!
Gold Tone Flower Earrings

Gold Tone Flower Earrings

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