Plastic Jewelry goes Grown-Up Chic

This season, fashionistas of all ages are going nuts for modern takes on plastic jewelry in striking colors and bold designs. Lucite, which is a lightweight clear resin, is popping up everywhere in a rainbow of bright spring and summer shades. This type of jewelry is not only fun and fashionable, it's also affordable, so it's easy to add a few pieces to freshen up your look.

Plastic geometric jewelry was big in the 70s, with a retro feel and an artistic edge that added expression to any outfit. Today, Lucite, Bakelite and acrylic pieces with funky angles are being worked into bangle bracelets and multi-layered chain necklaces. Pastels and opaques are very popular, and make great vacation jewelry. Prints with stripes and animal spots are a few other hot styles of plastic jewelry this season, and do a great job of adding character to everyday pieces.

Plastic jewelry has a playful aspect to it, and is often characterized by futuristic geometric shapes, such as rounded rectangles or triangle bangle bracelets. We're also seeing a lot of plastic beaded necklaces in a rainbow of colors. These lightweight pieces can easily update your look without breaking the bank.

With all the talk of green-this and recycled-that, eco plastic jewelry is quickly rising in popularity. Recycled and reused plastic jewelry is the new coveted non-precious jewelry of the X and Y generation. Oftentimes, you can purchase cool unique designs for just a fraction of the cost of more expensive options. And the feel good factor makes this a guilt-free pleasure you can't afford to miss.

Just as every style-setter has her own tastes and preferences, plastic jewelry has its own varieties and options from which to choose. So whether you prefer a giant raspberry colored plastic beaded necklace or a transparent safari print chunky bangle, it's all about having fun with this modern take on retro chic plastic jewels.

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Carl said...

You should have some photos to go with the descriptions of the bangle bracelets.

Used Rolex Watches said...

Yes photos please, also what are your thoughts about this plastic jewelry. I think it looks pretty cheap and would rather spend the money on a quality piece of jewelry.