The New Take on Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

Pearls are classic and beautiful – known for their timeline elegance. They will always be in fashion, yet this season, there's a different take on jewelry made from these stunning natural stones. Designers and celebs are putting their own modern twist on pieces – ranging from drop earrings to multi-tiered necklaces and lariats. Enter the new age of pearls.
pearl necklacesNecklaces – Typically, pearl necklace favorites have included single short strand, or a sole pearl dangling as a pendant. However, it's not just limited to your grandmother's style of pearl necklaces anymore. These days, pearls are being mixed with different types of chains and metallics and are being placed in settings that are fresh and unique. Today, thanks to style-setters like Michelle Obama, pearl necklaces are making a comeback in a big way. The stones are getting larger – some even as big as gumdrops. One of the best ways to incorporate a contemporary pearl necklace is to pair it with an LBD or a sleek blouse. For something different, try a lariat style chain, with pearls on either end. Or, for something a little edgier, opt for pearls on a thick chain link necklace, either asymmetrical or layered with other mix and match pieces.pearl earringsEarrings – Pearl stud earrings have their place, but this season, it's all about incorporating new takes on these old favorites. Look for earrings that have settings in rope-like chain, where the pearl is actually being held inside the metal. Another option is a thin wire hoop with pearls dangling from the end. This style is feminine and interesting. Pearl earrings also pair well with rhinestone encrusted clasps and florals, for a glamorous statement.pearl stud earringsSo, if you're thinking about wearing pearl jewelry for a wedding, an everyday look, or a special night out, consider the new take on pearl jewelry that will keep you looking current and fabulous.

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