Stretch bracelets

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to fashionable jewelry is finding pieces that are stylishly wearable, comfortable and affordable. Stretch bracelets fulfill all of these requirements.Bold Flower Stretch BraceletAlthough there's been a lot of hype over bangle bracelets and cuff bracelets, those styles may not work for every woman. Or, they may not be the best options for workplace jewelry, as they can be restrictive when it comes to typing on the computer. Stretch bracelets on the other hand, are a great alternative to suit any type of taste. From pearl and rhinestone bracelets to beaded and all metal styles, there's something for everyone.Boho Stretch BraceletStretch bracelets are great because they pretty much fit any woman. They are comfortable to wear, and best of all, they are completely affordable. Most of these types of bracelets are held together with stretchy cord or elastic, so you aren't paying for an elaborate setting. The stones in stretch bracelets are set close together so you really get the most for your money.

Stretch bracelets are great for any age. They are easy to wear so everyone from teenage girls to moms to grandmothers can easily sport this style. Stretch bracelets are especially great for older women who may not be able to fasten or clasp another type of bracelet. Simply slip it on and you're ready to go.

Wear one stretch bracelet or a few for a special occasion. Feel free to mix and match contrasting colors and even different styles to create your own unique look. However, a good rule of thumb is that your bracelets should be functional and add to the charm of your outfit. They should not be distracting or look like they are trying too hard. Stretch bracelets are a great choice as they are practical, yet still stylish.

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