The Perfect Pair of Holiday Earrings

Cool weather brings thoughts of warm fuzzy sweaters, evenings by the fire, hot cocoa, and of course, holiday parties. Every year women attend an average of 3 holiday parties, where they get glammed up and adorn themselves with sparkly accessories. This year, when you're getting dressed for an event, whether it's a neighborhood party, a work get-together or a friendly gift exchange, instead of spending a lot on a new outfit, put out a tried and true favorite and compliment it with the perfect pair of earrings. Here are our tips for getting through this holiday season in style and on a budget:
Clip on earrings
Consider clip on earrings – Clip earrings can typically be a lot cheaper than their pierced counterparts. And anyone can wear them. The best part is that some designs can be very heavy, and clip earrings are really the best choice, as they don't weigh down your earlobes. Black rhinestones are hot this year, while yellow gold is a tried and true favorite.

Clusters are hot – If you're not the statement necklace type of girl, you'll be happy to know that statement earrings are big (literally!). Clusters of rhinestones, chandelier drop or overlay clip earrings are your best bet for adding interest and keeping the attention focused above your collarbone.

Season specific – Take advantage of the sights and sounds of the season with pierced or clip on earrings that are inspired from the elements of nature and the holidays. Acorns, feathers and leaves remind you of fall, while snowflakes and bows are great for winter. With new modern designs, these classics are re-born and can be a token accessory for seasons to come.

Colored stones – Jewel tones and rich colors are great this time of the year. In the form of earrings, they are great for adding a burst of color to a monotone outfit. And don't be afraid to step out of the box and ditch classic ruby and emerald, in favor of amethyst, midnight blue or golden yellow. Look for Cubic Zirconia as a safe bet for quality pieces that don't cost a lot. In clip earrings or pierced, you'll find a variety of options from which to choose.

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