What's Hot Right Now: Pearl and CZ Jewelry

This year, style setters like Sandra Bullock and Michelle Obama have been spotted in beautiful bold necklaces in combinations of colored pearls and rhinestones. College aged girls are pairing traditional pearl necklaces with edgier pieces that sparkle and shine. Working women are incorporating bodacious baubles like pearl and rhinestone broaches when choosing their daily look. However they're worn, these eclectic and fun combinations are budget friendly and fashion forward. So we salute this rise of CZ jewelry and anxiously anticipate what's next.CZ jewelryWhat woman doesn't want to look her at best? CZ jewelry, paired with pearls is a perfect combination for creating a pulled together, yet fun look. Traditionally, pearl jewelry has been thought of as proper and prim, even boring. But when you pair pearls with CZ jewelry, suddenly, there's a different spin on a classic favorite.

There's really no wrong way to wear this look. If you have pearls in your jewelry box that you've inherited from your mother or grandmother, consider updating them by mixing with CZ jewelry. Look for pieces set in oxidized silver with black or clear rhinestones. You can try layering necklaces or bracelets to create a unique combination. Play around with different wardrobe options as well. You might find that you like wearing this combo to the office, or maybe it's better for dressing up a t-shirt.

Pearls and Cubic Zirconia jewelry have an aura of retro, but they also look a little rock and roll. Don't be afraid to try small touches of each, if you're not sure of how the style would work on you. On the other hand, if you're ready to dive head first into this one, then try incorporating different textures as well. CZ jewelry comes in all forms and settings – everything from metal to ribbon can be used to create an interesting and fashion forward design.

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