A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia

Have you recently promised your girlfriend or your wife a diamond ring and now just do not know what to do about it? Well do not lose your appetite for this, ages ago our brilliant fathers found a solution for this.

It was in the year of 1892 that a substance was discovered, Cubic Zirconia , in the labs of one such scientist. At that time is was in the discovery state. They were yet trying to yield it completely and in a good state. With constant efforts, they were able to succeed largely and by the year of 1976, they were able to retrieve in a considerable state. With the level of development, Cubic Zirconia was soon being considered as a substitute of diamond in various scientific procedures and it was not long when it was considered for ornamental use as well. It was first amongst the scientists of USSR that it was first produced in a form to be used for commercial use and soon by the 1980; it was produced in huge amounts, around 50 million carats.

The gem was called to be a better diamond, for though its refractive index was less than diamond, its prismatic fire was much higher than it was. It sparkled more than diamond and it was easier to get a‘d’ standard in Cubic Zirconia than in diamond. Diamond was always with some impurity but if you followed the correct process and used the prescribed ingredients, you were bound to get the best quality Cubic Zirconia, something even better than diamond in appearance. Hence, it was widely used in jewelry making and since then has been giving a tough competition to diamond.

As already mentioned it is better than diamond in appearance, you can easily surprise your girlfriend by not only buying her a ring but also a pair of earrings to go with them at a much lesser price. They would be delighted even if you tell them that it is not their ‘coveted’ diamond!
A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia
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