The Variety of CZ Jewelry

CZ Jewelry is the most preferred substitute for Diamond with more reliability, strong, Affordable and economically low in cost. The jewelries are made by combining zirconia powder with yttrium oxide and heated about 5000 degree Fahrenheit which results into bright, sparkling crystals which are often used to make different type of Jewelry.

These bright crystals or artificial diamonds can be used for making Engagement rings, Wedding sets, Sterling silver jewelry, White gold, Beads, Stones etc. It is available in following normal colors CZ white A, CZ white AA, CZ white AAA, CZ white AAAA, CZ white AAAAA, CZ white Euro machine cut, CZ white heart and Arrow, CZ pink AAA, CZ pink Rose AAA, CZ pink Black AAA, CZ lavender AAA, CZ Violet AAA, CZ canary yellow AAA, CZ orange, Golden yellow CZ garnet AAA, CZ peridot AAA. It is also available in special colors to name few are Apple green, green, Teal, Rhodorite, Brown, Topaz, blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Sapphire. Cubic zirconia color changes available are peridot, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Brown Diamond, Color Topaz, pink morangite, Imperial topaz and Kunzite dark.

All color types are available in Round, Oval, Octagon, square, Pear, trillion, Heart and Triangle shape but the variant Cubic zirconia white AAA is also available in Cushion, Taper and baguette shapes also. The cost of the CZ Jewelry can vary depending on the size and design. These Jewelries can be used for various occasions, it can be used for marriage purposes as a wedding ring which can be selected various designs and shapes, Engagement ring, Eternity rings, Solitaire rings, Platinum rings, Anniversary rings, Three stone rings.

CZ jewelry are also available in different themes which can be a heart shaped, Rose shaped, round, square, Butterfly shaped, or some shape giving inspiration. All CZ Jewelry are certified by Gemological institute with different rating namely A, D, E AA depending on the quality.

CZ bracelets are available in the variants of 14 carat, 18 carat with availability in plain, Yellow Gold, Beaded, Yellow gold flat, yellow gold light, white and rose gold, Twisted, Tri color, Yellow gold braided twist, White gold Large and polished, shiny gold, gold hinged swirl.

CZ Necklaces are available in very attractive and classic styles with wide range and colors namely Pirate skull, cross bones pendants, Hearts by Yard, Bead Necklace, Pandora Bead, Heart with cross pendant etc .

The entire CZ jewelry is world wide used and is globally wide spread. Its unique features make it superior from Diamond in spite of the low cost, durable and easily available. It gets dispersed fast compared to Diamond which can also be seen from untrained eyes, The quality is so hard and thick that makes it more durable and reliable, Cuts and shapes can be designed in a very clean and clear way with giving the opportunity of making more shapes and designs compared to Diamond, The color is totally Colorless compare to Diamond which is often found in Yellow color .These are the few characters of CZ Jewelry which is making its presence and usage superior than Diamond.

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