How to Take Care of CZ jewelry

Since, in the recent years the demand for CZ jewelry has increased, more and more people are buying it. It therefore becomes important to know the ways to keep the jewelry clean so that it can be used for a long time. One should remember that the cubic zirconia stones generally get dirty at mush fast rate as compared to the real diamonds. So, you need to make an effort so that your jewelry remains as good as it was earlier. If you have gold or platinum metal type of cubic zirconia jewelry then you can make use of the following tips that are given below to clean them.
Ardenne's CZ Cocktail RingIf you want to keep your CZ jewelry clean then you need to have a regular jewelry cleaner for you that can be used once in every three months. Though many people may think that regular cleaning may degrade the quality of metal but that is not true. If you do not have a regular jewelry cleaner then you can also make use of the dishwashing soap for your jewelry. All you need to do is to place a small drop of the dishwashing soap in some cup filled with Luke warm water, and then let it sit for at-least half hour.

Remember to remove Cubic Zirconia jewelry before going for shower, washing hands, or applying makeup or face powder, this is because the residues from soaps and shampoo and oil from makeup can cloud your cubic zirconia. It’s better to avoid touching the cubic zirconia stone because natural oils from the fingers can also cause dullness in their shine. You can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the stones in the jewelry but should avoid making use of harsh household chemicals on the jewelry as they make damage some stones. All these methods will surely help you in maintaining the brand new look of your jewelry.

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