How to Take Care of Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia was initially introduced in France and was later improvised in Russia. Soon it became popular as the best simulator of diamond. Though it is much cheaper alternative, it does not mean that we do not have to take care of it. Every substance requires care so that it can last longer. In this case, it is even more important as cubic zirconia is used in jewelry. Any jewelry item remains attractive only till the time it looks old. The moment it starts looking old and worn out, it loses its value. Therefore, it is very important that you take good care of it.

Cubic zirconia is not a very difficult crystal to maintain. However, one should always keep it safely stored when not in use. It is also very important that you regularly clean and polish cubic zirconia. You can use a soft cloth piece to gently rub the surface of the crystal. However, you should notice that the motion of the strokes should be back to front. This will not spoil the surface of the stone. If you follow a circular motion, then there are very high chances that cubic zirconia will get spoilt. This procedure should be regularly repeated as it will prevent the accumulation of dirt and unwanted materials on the surface. However, for slightly tougher particles you will also have to wipe the cubic zirconia surface with a solution of mild soap. However, in some cases, even this might not be enough. Then you should steam clean the surface. This is also not a very complicated procedure. For this you can place the cubic zirconia jewelry on a kettle that releases steam. As the steam is released, let the crystal be exposed to it. Then you can use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the crystal.

Apart from all these measurements, the storage of the jewelry is also very important. You should make sure that the CZ jewelry is not stored in a damp place. It should be kept safely in an air tight plastic bag. Always ensure that the bag where you are storing this jewelry should be a sealable packet. If you are using a jewelry box, then ensure that you are using a box that is properly lined. All these things will protect any external factors to affect your cubic zirconia jewelry when they are not in use. However, if they are stored for long, even then you should occasionally take them out and clean it.

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