Are You Buying Cubic Zirconia Rings for Your Valentine

Have you spent hours online researching what you should get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day, or spent endless days looking for that perfect gift at the mall? I'll tell you what, I've spent numerous hours at the mall just wandering around trying to find a gift my girlfriend would enjoy for hallmark holidays like Valentine's Day. I don't like going to the mall as it is, and to have to spend all day looking for something I have no clue about is almost like being tortured. Luckily, I've had the best idea ever – literally. My girlfriend likes jewelry, but jewelry can be expensive sometimes, so why not get her some cubic zirconia rings? After comparing prices, I've noticed CZ rings are only a small fraction of the cost of a diamond ring!
Gold Plated CZ Eternity Band
Let's compare the prices of the two rings; a diamond ring can range from upper $500 to over $2,000 – cubic zirconia rings are on average between $50 and $120. That can be a saving of up a few thousand dollars! With the money I save from buying my girlfriend CZ jewelry I can buy a LCD TV that I really need. Aside from the obvious difference in price, cubic zirconia rings look pretty similar to their diamond ring counterparts. I actually have a hard time telling the difference between the two rings.

If you put both rings side to side, which I've actually done, odds are, you will find very little difference between the two rings. Cubic Zirconia rings also tend to be a bit heavier than diamond rings, so the weight actually throws you off a bit. As far as the look itself, assuming the two stones are cut the same, the odds that you can differentiate between the two are very low.

When you realize Valentine's Day (or any other hallmark holiday) is rapidly approaching, I highly consider buying your girlfriend or wife a few CZ rings. Not only are they incredibly cheap, but they are just as beautiful as diamond rings. With an assortment of colors available for you to choose from, I don't see why you would pass up on cubic zirconia rings as a gift this year's V-Day.

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