Cartier's Love Bracelet

Cartier's "Love Bracelet" was first seen in the summer of 1969. It was created by designer Aldo Cipullo, whose early work for Cartier focused on modern interpretations of ancient designs and legends.

Cipullo's creation of the Love Bracelet was inspired by the Chastity Belt, a device husbands are said to have locked around their wives' waists to ensure fidelity while they are away.Cartier's Love BraceletCipullo carefully crafted a two piece bracelet that bolts together around the wrist. It came with a tiny screwdriver which made it convenient to put it on and take it off. It symbolized a "locked up," a commitment in the relationship.

Cartier loved the bracelet and implemented a policy: customers could not buy a Love Bracelet for themselves. The company presented his-and-hers bracelets to 25 famous couples: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor etc. They all participated in the fun, and loved the cute idea!

In 1979, Cartier introduced a diamond studded version and then followed by a ring, cufflinks and earrings. It was popular among celebrities and wealthy people.

Cartier told a story of a woman who showed up at a long ago reception wearing nine Love Bracelets. This was her explanation:

"Listen, honey. I've had a few lovers in my time, and I made each one of them give me a 'Love Bracelet'. For me, these nine bracelets are like the notches on a gunfighter's pistol!"

February 2008, Cartier added a new piece of bracelet to its LOVE Collection, The LOVE CHARITY Bracelet. It's fashioned with a knotted silk band that displays a miniature, pink gold version Love Bracelet at its front. The bracelet comes in different colors because each color represents a form of charity. Hollywood celebrities are working with Cartier, using the bracelets to raise awareness and promote a specific charity.

• Rosario Dawson: Youth AIDS, Red Bracelet
• Salma Hayek: The Salma Hayek Foundation, White Bracelet
• Scarlett Johansson: USA Harvest, Baby Pink Bracelet
• Spike Lee: Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, Purple Bracelet
• Edward Norton: Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Green Bracelet
• Sarah Jessica Parker: UNICEF, Blue Bracelet
• Michael Stipe: Mercy Corps / Gulf Coast Recovery, Black Bracelet
• Liv Tyler: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Deep Pink Bracelet

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