The History of Bracelet

Since ancient time, evidences have shown that both Egyptian males and females wore bracelets. Dragonflies, bees and other symbolic creatures were often engraved on jewelries. During the Roman era, bracelets were common as well. They often carried symbols of snakes, lion heads, and the Heracles knot. Greek bracelets had engraving of palmettos, acanthus leaves and animals with gem stones in their eyes. Beautiful stones were used in these ancient jewelry pieces and only prestigious people can afford to wear them.

Just like in the ancient times, women today are still in fond of jewelries. However, what's different today is that now there is a huge selection of jewelries available for everyone. For example, the tennis bracelet is a special piece of woman's jewelry. The tennis bracelet is traditionally a bracelet that features a line of symmetrically patterned diamonds. Tennis bracelets can be made with various types of metals and they can also be created with glass or synthetic man made stones. Tennis bracelet in a way shows love and honor.

Not hard to guess, the name "tennis bracelet", originated on the tennis court. Chris Evert, who was the World's Number One Women's Tennis Player by then, was playing in the U.S Open Tournament. During the middle of the game, her beautiful diamond bracelet shattered and spread across court. The match had to pause while she tries to retrieve her diamonds. Rumor has it that from that day on this style of bracelet was named as tennis bracelet. Many female tennis players continue to wear beautiful bracelets during matches, and these bracelets always grab everyone's attention. For example, Serena Williams, in 2002, wore a gorgeous 29,000 dollar tennis bracelet to the U.S Open. An extra secure clasp was designed on this bracelet to insure its safety. This platinum tennis bracelet contained 224 diamonds and amount to 12 carats.

Women's jewelry has always created a stir. The beauty of the art work together with the stunning stones brings joy to the wearer. Girls like the way how jewelries sparkles while woman like the jewelries' elegance. Women's bracelets date back to Roman and Egyptian times but they are just as popular today.

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Indian Jewelry said...

Female jewelry will never be out of fashion. They have a way of accentuating and perfecting a matching outfit.

Fashion Jewellery designers said...

Bracelets are always trendy jewellery. If you digg down to its origin you can see bracelets by tribal women. This fashion is always beautiful.