The Story of Gold Jewelry

From the past, we have learned that rich families usually possess a considerable quantity of gold rings, bracelets, and coins; it is a symbol for family wealth and social status. If you happen to fit in this category, you must have a personal treasure passed down the line from your ancestors, and increased by the gifts of husband, children and business associates.
gold snake bracelet
Middle class families also inherit pieces of jewelry from their mothers or grandmothers. Women usually take care of those generation-passed-down jewelries very seriously because they often are precious and have significant meaning. Those rings and bracelet are meant to be kept from generation to generation.

Gold Marriage really existed. Before the 21 century it used to be very common for married couples to stay together all their lives. Divorce was rare and considered a mishap. People had pride in committing to each other for life. To celebrate this union, people would even publicly remarry when they reach the 50th anniversary. The attendants to the gold wedding shower ceremony would bring gold gifts to the couples. The couple would also exchange their gift for each other, such as new wedding rings or a gold bracelet, necklace or chain, sometimes engraving the date of the event or their spouse's endearing name in it. This was not only a token of respect and appreciation for 50 years of love and friendship, but also an investment to be passed on to their descendants. Sadly, nowadays 50th wedding anniversary doesn't exist as much now.

In any case, gold jewelries are great! Why not buy yourself a present? With modern design and precise crafting skill, gold jewelries nowadays are very stylish and fashionable. Gold bracelet can be a smart pick and you deserve that piece of fine jewel!

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