The Story Behind Cubic Zirconia Rings

Over the years, there have been many misconceptions, myths, and lack of information about different kinds of jewelry qualities and stone differences. From women shopping to accessorize, to men buying their significant other a nice ring, many still do not understand the differences between cubic zirconia rings and diamond rings. Before making the final purchasing decision, it is advised that you do some comparing between the two to make sure you are buying what you’re actually looking for.Green CZ ringsTo start, let’s look at the differences between CZ rings and diamond rings. As the most obvious, you may have noticed the price difference between the two stones – diamonds can range from $400 to upwards up a few thousand dollars. In contrast, cubic zirconia rings tend to be on the cheaper scale; one ring can be had for the extremely low price of $200 or less. Most CZ rings are actually very cheap, and prices vary mostly because of the different metal options you can choose from.

The second comparison is the perceived difference between the two stones. Many jewelers will tell you the same thing over and over – if you place a modern cubic zirconia ring next to a diamond ring, the difference is often times unnoticed. Assuming the metal quality is similar, if you ask a person in the street to distinguish between the two rings, they will have a very hard time deciphering the two stones. Because of the advancement in jewelry manufacturing and development, cubic zirconia stones tend to not only look identical to diamonds, but also have the same toughness and stable characteristics.

Before buying the perfect ring you’ve been searching, make sure to weigh out your options. If you are on a fairly limited budget, it’s safe to say CZ jewelry might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you want the name of a diamond and would only feel comfortable wearing a ring that had a diamond stone, by all means, make your next ring a diamond ring. Just keep in mind the major price difference and the few small advantages you get for the extra money you pay for.

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Beautiful blog. Cubic zirconia can imitate just about any gemstone. Are those emeralds or cz?