Jewelry- Symbol of Our Culture

Stud Earrings
The most precious jewelry is diamond. In 1817, the first diamond has discovered by R.J. Hauy. He was a well-known French mineralogist. He has written so many books especially about diamonds. There are different colors of diamonds are available in market like reds, Yellows, purples, pinks, greens and blues. Those who studied in the 4 Cs books can say about diamond color and quality. The few color diamonds are better in some point. Whenever a diamond features with bright and deep color, it shows great beauty and rarity. These amazing gems are well-known as "fancy color diamonds" pearl earrings are the best seasonable gift. It is the beautiful as well as attractive jewelry. It can suit with all type of dresses.
Pearl Earrings
The sterling silver earrings are not only popular for the low low-priced but it is also famous for its latest trend and look. The stud earrings are the precious and the rarest colored earrings. It is so popular in consumer because of its attractive look and style.
The rarest and mainly precious colored diamond is mostly vibrant red. The maximum per-carat of prices paid for the purchase of diamond was red stone. Now, a 5.11 carat red diamonds costs are $8 million. But all other color diamonds are not so costly. Customers can buy in affordable price. Other color diamonds achieve high market values due to their shortage and the attractive look. They have used for connoisseurs and gemstones collection. They have been expected that only some diamonds are transparent colors. Among ordinary colored diamonds the fewest colors are red, green and pink. More common color diamonds are brown and yellow.
If a precious red diamond can not affordable by the customer then no need to worry about. Various color schemes launched by the company, that affordable by anyone and contain equally prominent alternatives. Different diamond colors have different values.
1. Pink diamonds represent shine.
2. Yellow diamonds represent peace.
3. Purple diamonds represent power.
4. Red diamonds represent beauty.

Throughout the times, jewelry customers have been faced lot of problems to find diamonds that represented accurately and graded. To better know the challenges facing by the consumer, we have to take a look at the mechanism of the wholesale and retailer diamond markets.

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