Kate Middleton engagement ring – the dream of every girl

Engagements are the first steps towards realization of the union of those couples who love and care for each other. When it comes to engagements, Engagement rings are a must discussion. Every guy and girl wishes to have something very special for this auspicious occasion to offer to the most special person in his or her life. A man wishes to give his most special belonging to the one who is most special for him in this world. A testimony of this statement was seen in November when the royal family of Great Britain announced the engagement of the second in line for throne, Prince Will and Kate Middleton.

The expression of the Prince at this occasion were very amazing and true representative of his love for both, his mother princes Diana and his future wife Kate. He has presented Kate with the most precious ring for him. It was his mother’s simple and exquisiteness ring which she chose from many eternity rings presented to her by Prince Charles after their engagement. Kate Middleton engagement ring has been on the high as far as its design is concerned. Will has claimed that this ring was his most special asset and as is Kate for him. So, he decided to unite them. It is also a way to share the happiness and excitement of the event with his mother. Soon after its appearance on the media, Kate Middleton ring has attained the heed from the late Diana’s fans and also from those who are getting engaged in the near future.

A brief description of this celebrity inspired jewelry will give you an idea about its adorable attractiveness. This ring is oval in shape and contains cubic zirconia which blue in color. This blue sapphire is elegantly surrounded by a circle of fourteen shining and well cut diamonds. All this is arranged on a cluster setting in an eighteen K white gold band. This selection depicts Diana simplicity. She belonged to middle class and she chose a ring according to her background. The spell of Diana’s personality and her fans’ craziness for this ring has left no option for the designers and jewelers except to come up with replica rings at different rates and in different sizes.

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