Cubic Zirconia Earrings – Advantages over Diamond Earrings

Cubic Zirconia (or CZ) is a kind of synthetic gemstone. It is solid, bright and can be made into different colors and shapes, for which reason it is usually used as artificial diamond. Compared with diamond, it has the following advantages:

First, it is much cheaper. Diamond is the rarest substance on the planet and therefore jewelry pieces made of diamond are extremely expensive. In comparison, CZ as a synthetic substance is inexhaustible and therefore its price is very low. Not only the very rich, common people can also afford to buy a number of jewelry pieces made of CZ, be they bracelets, necklaces or rings.

Second, compared with diamond, jewelry pieces made of cubic zirconia have a wider variety of colors and shapes. It can be yellow, red, blue, purple, etc. In terms of shape, it can be round, square, triangle, heart-shaped, etc. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for women whose artistic tastes change quickly with the change of fashion.

Third, it is easier to maintain. Although diamond is the most solid substance in the world, to maintain its gloss requires the professional knowledge of jewelry experts. More often than not you need to send the pieces of jewelry to shops specializing in maintaining diamond jewelry. By contrast, to main the gloss of CZ you need only to follow a few tips that can be easily found on various websites. Or if you do not want to waste any time on its maintenance, you can simply leave it there and by the time it starts to lose its gloss very possibly you have already bought a new one to replace it.

Based on the above advantages of CZ, it can be reasonably concluded that if you want to buy a pair of earrings, those made of CZ would be a very nice choice. They will shine below your ears just like real diamond, and they can be long or short, big or small, according to your own taste. With a small amount of money you can buy tens of cubic zirconia earrings every year. And what great fun that would be!

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