Ideal High Heel Shoes for Ladies

Women love wearing high heel shoes especially at the special occasions such as wedding ceremony, birthday party, dinner, lunch and many more. Women look more sexy and tall with these high heels. Women look more trendy and graceful especially pleasing for the eyes of men. These are not comfortable for many women to wear but women can compromise for style.

These High heel shoes come in different inches such as 2 inch, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches and up to 9 inch heel. Of course, 9 inch heel is very difficult to wear for common girl but these heels are preferred by models. These 9 inch heels are known as sky heels. These high heels come in different shapes and styles in the form of discount shoes as well.

High Heel shoes always stay in fashion. High heels are best option to wear in the party to give more attractive look to your outfit. It gives you the confidence no matter how much hurting it is for your feet. There is also a need to do practice before going out anywhere or you won’t be able to walk in the stylish way with these discount boots.

There is no need to go for 9 inch heel if you are not a model to do catwalk. A 2 or 3 inch heel is also enough to let you look sexy and hot. Doctors also recommend wearing at least 1 inch heel in your daily life activities to keep the stability level of your body. There are many glamorous styles in the market with different prices.

Wearing high heels too much consistently is also not good as it adds a lot of weight in the thighs and hips. It is effective for girls who want are skinny and want to put up some weight in hips. Apart from all these factors, high heel make you look beautiful and attractive in all aspects. You can go to market in high heel but don’t prefer doing walk as it can cause harm to your back muscles and result in pain. If you still want to wear, then prefer wearing one inch heel. You can look both beautiful and stylish with high heels in any gathering.


Anonymous said...

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Jo Rory said...

I love the original Sapphire, so dazzling and large…If only I could afford the original!
I have however found an excellent replica for a great priice down from over £1000 to £408.50
what do you think?
Thoughts welcome