When to give a promise ring

A promise ring is the ring which is given as a symbol of promise made between one person to another. Normally the ring is given when any kind or promise is made. It can be between two people who are in romantic relationship or in platonic relationship.

Normally the promise ring can be given in the following circumstances: pre-engagement promise ring is the ring which is given when the giver is sure that the girl is the girl for his dreams but he is not yet ready for the actual engagement. This ring is a sign of commitment and the future together.

An abstinence or chastity promise ring exchanged between parents and their children, as sign of the promise from the children to remain pure from sexual and drugs. Monogamy promise ring is given in the place of a pre-engagement or marriage rings. The rings also can be given as a sign of promise between two people who promise undying friendship. This is a promise that regardless of where you friend is, you will always be ready to help one another.

When you give a promise ring, you have to be clear of the promise you are making. You can accompany the ring with a small note so that your intention will not be misunderstood. Normally the person who makes the promise is not intending to break it. For the most special promise, a ring is given as the sign to remember the day that promise has been made. The promise ring may be in the form or eternity ring or eternity band to show that the person will never end the promise.

Even if giving the eternity rings do not have any rules, some guidelines may be useful. When you want to give the promise ring, think about the meaning of the ring and the reason why you are willing to give out the ring. You can also take time to learn about the history of the promise ring so that you can know the mythology or sacred writing about the rings. According to the kind of the promise, the ring is worn on different fingers, so you have to know first where the receiver of the ring will wear it according to the kind of the promise you are willing to make.

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