Silver and Sterling Silver Jewelry

For those women who find it difficult to go out the door without at least some of their magnificent jewelry dangling from their wrist in the shape of a bracelet or hanging from the ears in the form of the most elegant earrings, jewelry is a part of their existence. Such women pride themselves on collecting jewelry of all types, both gold and silver and with amazing designs that are pleasing to the eyes. But the obsession with jewelry does not have to be an expensive one. More and more women are turning towards cheaper options in jewelry that look as grand as the pricy ones but at a price that doesn’t make a dent in their pocket.

A great choice for women of all ages is ilver jewelry Generally, silver jewelry is made from the metal in its pure for but their might be other metals added to give it a different look or style. Pure Silver Jewelry does blacken with age but it can be cleaned to get back the original luster and beauty. If your jewelry is delicate and expensive you could go to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned. For those who prefer to clean it at home, toothpaste and water works like magic. All you have to do is carefully rub the pieces with toothpaste and let it stand for a while. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth or wash it off carefully; your silver jewelry will be good as new.

One of the most popular alloys of Silver in terms of jewelry is Sterling Silver. Sterling silver contains more than 90% silver with traces of other metals primarily copper. The percentage of copper is varied according the purpose the sterling silver is being used for. The elegance of the metal is enhanced by adding precious and semi-precious stones to it when being used as jewelry. Like silver, sterling silver jewelry is an affordable option in jewelry that women love and collect. The price may vary depending on the designer and manufacturer.

One of the most popular stones that is used across the globe in jewelry of all types is zirconium. It has a diamond like shine that goes perfectly in any metal setting. Looking at some of the designs displayed online by the larger manufacturers of jewelry, you’ll find that zirconium is present in some of their best ones. Cubic zirconium earrings in amazing designs are available for purchase online. Cubic zirconium earrings prices may vary according to the designer you choose, but with the wide variety available online, it would not be difficult to find a lovely pair at an affordable price.

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