The Glamour and Elegance that Silver Jewelry Holds

Since the olden days of ancient civilizations, jewelry has been linked to elegance, glamour, status, power, wealth and beauty. Silver jewelry has undoubtedly revolutionized the whole fashion industry by giving gold jewelry very stiff competition. This is because silver is cost effective and fashionable at the same time. At the present time, the price of silver jewelry has sky rocketed but, surprisingly, demand has continued to increase day by day. Since time immemorial, this precious metal has been used for jewelry and adornments because of its white color that gleams and its exceptional brightness.

Currency that was used worldwide a few centuries back was mainly excellently crafted silver coins. This shows that silver was very valuable even back then. Silver has also been thought to have mythological powers. It was believed that silver had an ability to repel vampires and that is mostly why it is used in the coating of mirror borders. Apart from silver jewelry, silver has been used over time in the manufacturing of precious antiques that people of status cherished very much. Nonetheless, sterling silver jewelry is what made this precious metal very significant.

Silver jewelry has made a comeback in the fashion industry that has even threatened the place of gold. Designers nowadays fuse silver jewelry with precious stones such as rubies to create very elegant ornaments. The versatility used in the designs also deserves accolades. This is because designers have managed to mix the modern culture of ornaments with traditional concepts to come up with jewelry that appeal to all. Silver jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, chokers, anklets, armlets and bangles. These jewelry designs normally change with the rate of fashion trends.

In conclusion, the perfect finish (which also shows in the brightness of silver jewelry) is the determinant of the level of perfection. It is always advisable to buy silver jewelry from trusted sources so that you do not get imitations or coated pieces. There are plenty of deceitful jewelers out there who will con people out of their hard earned money. There are also various tests that will enable you to identify the real from the fake. There is a famous acid test that you can use on the jewelry to establish its authenticity. There is also the luster and color factor that you should train your eye well to see, to be able to identify real silver jewelry.

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