The Great Jewelry

Silver jewelry is made with gemstones and precious metals. Silver jewelry makes your skin glow even more, the more you wear the prettier you look. People all around the world opt for Silver Jewelry The Westerns, The Eastern and most of all The Middle Easterns. The Golden rings are out and the Silver rings ones are in and it’s also cheaper than the gold, it makes the brides hands look beautiful than ever. And Sterling Silver Rings are more loved than the simple ones. It makes their day beautiful and it feels like heaven. Women in America and Europe wear silver jewelry on their wedding day with their white wedding dream dress. Women in Pakistan usually opt for Silver Necklaces for there third event of their wedding, “walima” as they call it. More than 50 percent in Pakistan, women wear Silver Jewelry.

A Silver Necklace is also known as a romantic gift from their beloved husbands, Silver Necklaces are also filled with care and love according to old women. Usually Silver Jewelry looks better in light colored cloths. It’s delicate and good enough to show of your expanses. Wearing it with a turquoise dress, especially the Silver Necklace reminds you of the beach and the clear blue sky. With a pink dress, and shows the kindness of the person if a person knows how to read colors, and so on the list goes for different colors wearing silver jewelry on it.

You can also wear Silver Necklaces on a cute shirt or shalwar kameez, it never gets old. But the real Silver Jewelry gets black, if it’s touched by water a tiny bit or when it is left uncovered (keeps it wrapped in a plastic bag). When the heat from your body touches the silver, it gets black. So you should take care of your jewelry with love and care. You can’t do your daily activities wearing Silver Rings e.g. wash dishes, so you have to take off your wedding ring. That is the disadvantage for the Silver Jewelries. Just on the safe side, you can get it back to normal by dipping it in hot water, put some detergent in it and brush it with your old toothbrush or using toothpaste and brushing it on your Silver Necklace. This is the process opted by the majority. Plus point, Silver Jewelry looks perfect on every color worn on a woman.

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