Attractive Jewelry

Sterling silver rings is made from an alloy which contains 7.5 percent copper and 92.5 percent silver. Authentic it has an excellence of 925 which you will see marked on genuine silver jewelry. Other metals like platinum, zinc, and germanium mix well with the silver alloy to construct sterling silver at a good cost to the producer. With the production costs low, the producer can make and sell the jewelry at a more affordable price to the general public. More people can buy more jewelry when the average cost is affordable to the middle class citizens. Sterling silver is the middle class alternative to the pure gold and silver that only the wealthy can afford. With it, everyone can buy affordable, attractive jewelry. Defining attractive jewelry differs from person to person. One must consider the design, the metal used, the type of chain or band, and the craftsmanship of the maker. No matter the price or the brand, putting the time and effort into picking the right ring or necklace will leave her speechless. For women, picking out that right timepiece, pocket watch, or perfect pair of cufflinks will forever endear your man to you. Every guy needs a nice watch that they can wear with pride to any event. The right cuff links and tie clip can add that extra touch to that suit or tuxedo he is showing off for you. With the right jewelry on, a couple can really shine and become the center of attention at that formal dinner or cocktail party.

Women can never be satisfied with enough jewelry. They will have their nice jewelry box with their favorites pieces stored there for safekeeping. Day trips to the mall with the children and girlfriends allows them to window shop the department stores and specialty stores looking to add that next silver necklace or gold wristlet to one’s ever expanding collection. The men don’t use the same effort when they are on the market for a new watch. When they need one, they’ll go pick out a nice one and buy it, but they do not make trips just to walk around and look at the pieces. Men only wear one ring which is the silver ring that symbolizes one’s wedding band and commitment to marriage. Occasionally this wedding band might be gold but it usually depends on the taste and preferences of the owner.

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