The Things You Need To Know About Sterling Silver Jewelry

It is becoming a question these days as to what is the reason behind the craze of many people on sterling silver jewelry. All people, regardless of the gender, are getting hooked to these fancy jewelries. Women most especially are making a habit of purchasing this piece of jewelry and even having a collection or it, starting from sterling silver rings up to sterling silver earrings. Well, why it is a choice of everyone and what is with sterling silver jewelry that makes it a love by every people?

Believe it or not, sterling silver jewelry is far different from pure silver jewelry, especially when it comes to quality and how these two are being made. Pure silver jewelries are a weak type of jewelry for pure silver cannot keep hold of its form. It is weak and breaks easily. That is one of the reason why many jewelry makers do not use pure silver to make jewelry and it is also the reason why there are no pure silver jewelry being sold in the market.

Now in order to make pure silver durable, it is being incorporated with alloy. That is how sterling silver jewelries are being made- through the mixture of silver and alloy. The most common alloy used in making sterling silver jewelries is copper but other types of alloys are being used to such as germanium, platinum, silicon, and boron. Sterling silver jewelry is usually made out of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloys. This makes sterling silver jewelry more durable that pure silver jewelry.

Due to the advancement in technology nowadays, sterling silver jewelries and being improved too. They have developed new designs for these jewelries. They also allow engraving on it too. With that, you can now engrave your name on a silver bracelet, or the name of your love one in a silver ring. There are also some jewelry makers that has developed a way to make a sterling silver jewelry that does not tarnish. Some have already incorporated stones and gems on it to give it a more elegant look.

With all of this, one can easily look for the kind of design that he wants, as well as the kind of look that one wants. They can look for a simple design to fit their simple personality, or they can choose a more elegant one with stones and gems to fit their elegant and colorful like. Sterling silver jewelry truly fits any kind or person, which is one of the reasons of its popularity.

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