BlackBerry Curve Cases

The first BlackBerry Curve series of mobile phones from Research In Motion Inc appeared into the market back in the year 2007 with the BlackBerry Curve 8300 becoming the first phone in this model line of the BlackBerry phones. Of late, there are rumors that the BlackBerry Curve Touch is supposedly on the way of making it into the market soon. This is a fact that the new Curve will join the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 as part of the Touch phones in addition to the BlackBerry Storm phones which were the first BlackBerry touch screen models.

Many times when you purchase a new phone, you end up having to purchase the case separately. This is because sometimes the manufacturers of the phone don’t manufacture the cases and therefore giving opportunities to case manufacturers to earn some money when any new model happens to be debuted in the market. BlackBerry Curve cases come in different designs and prices according to the phone that you may have. Some of the cases are cheaper while others are a bit expensive. For example, the CombiFlip Case is from SmartPhone Experts, which is made specifically for most of the BlackBerry Curve phones including the Curve 8330, Curve 8320, Curve 8310, or Curve 8300.

The advantage of purchasing the case is not just that it is fair to your pocket, but is also multi-functional which allows you to snap the front flip-cover off and show a slim design that opens the front revealing the whole keyboard and screen. This cover is made in a way that your BlackBerry will forever be secure. The multipurpose of this case can properly be displayed by the fact that there are port openings that can be used to store your business and credit cards with an additional sleeper mode function.

There are colors designed for all eyes including black, cream brandy, cocoa brandy, saddle brandy and red brandy. This case is being sold at about $25-$30 depending on where you make your purchase. It has received positive reviews from users with some accenting that it is well made, fits perfectly and the padded protection on the front makes it worthwhile. Despite these positive reviews, like any other case or object, there were negative reviews which were of course outweighed by the positive reviews. Some people went along to state that the clip was a little too hard to reach and that it was not rachet style. Despite this, the case received positive reviews in general.

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