The Origin of Wedding Rings

The origin of wedding ringsIn many countries' culture, it is indispensable for the bridegroom and the bride to exchange their wedding rings in the wedding ceremony. Generally, a wedding ring (wedding band) consists of a metal ring, generally on either the left or right ring finger. Such a ring symbolizes marriage: a spouse wears it to indicate a marital commitment to fidelity.

It was a Austria king who first used wedding ring as a love token. In 1477, the king met a princess called Mary. Mary's beauty and grace attracted the king. Although the king knew that Mary had had affiance with another guy, he still tried his fortune by giving Mary a very precious wedding ring. At last, Mary was moved by the exquisitely carved wedding ring and the king's sincerity, so they married with each other. From then on, people have treated Diamond wedding ring as a love token.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, more and more shapes and styles of wedding rings come out. People now have more chances to show loves to their sweethearts.

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