Oscar Awards And Jewelry

Oscar Awards and jewelryA few days later, the US will attract eyeballs of all over the world, because the 81st Annual Academy Award (Oscar Award) will be held there. Every year, Oscar is just like another battlefield for dress and jewelry sponsors. Such events can have much bigger promotion effects than any kinds of advertises.

Just as when UmaThurman wore a lavender silk chiffon evening dress and whispered "It's Prada" on the Oscar red carpet in 1995, the simple words helped put Miuccia Prada and her team on the map, and from then on, the brand was remembered by the fashion world.

Dresses can make women look beautiful and grace. While with the help of proper jewelry, women will look perfect. The best gift for women is Jewelry. There are so many materials and styles of jewelry, so every woman can name at least one kind of jewelry she really likes and every woman can easily find satisfied jewelry in any jewelry store.

Silver jewelry has been in fashion for years and has the look and feel of expensive metals - but at a reasonable price, so it is popular. You can find sterling silver items in all levels of jewelry, from low priced jewelry knockoffs to high-end designer styles. Silver is loved for its versatility, durability, and gorgeous glow.

Oscar Awards and CZ jewelryIn addition to silver jewelry, Cubic zirconia jewelry (CZ jewelry) is also very popular. CZs have slightly less brilliance than diamond but they look more colorful and much inexpensive. They have been established as an affordable diamond replacement as well as an important fashion staple in costume jewelry.

There are also many other kinds of jewelry. Anyhow, as long as you choose the right jewelry, you can also look like a shining star.

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