Fashion Trends: Spring and Summer 2009

Wondering what to buy for the upcoming season? We're here to give you some quick tips and helpful advice on what's hot (and what’s not) for Spring and Summer 2009.

1) It's all about sterling silver – With the price of gold skyrocketing, many fashionistas are turning toward silver as an alternative. Any why shouldn't they? Silver has always been a popular choice and can easily be paired with other precious medals for a timeless and beautiful look.

2) Green jewelry – This eco trend seems to be popping up everywhere, and with environmentally friendly jewelry, the options are quickly growing. Natural wood grain jewelry, bamboo bangles and organic beads are dominating the market this year. Pieces are a little rougher around the edges, with Mother Nature getting the credit for the brilliant natural colors and shine of these precious gemstones.
Bamboo Jewelry - fashion trends 23) Florals – From oversized faux flowers (think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City) to delicate leaves, nature is alive and well for this season's jewelry trends. Options range from simple and "organic" to all-out extravagant.
flower jewelry pictures 2
flower jewerlry pictures 34) Ethnic inspiration – From bright colors to natural textures, tribal jewelry is hot once again. Not only is it a great way to update a standard pair of khakis, but authentic tribal jewelry is often unique, with one-of-a-kind designs.
Tribal jewelry - fashion trends 35) Bright colors – The hues of the season are those that stand out. Cool coral, canary yellow and true turquoise are especially hot in the world of jewelry this year. A statement necklace with these colors can turn even the most basic outfit into a fashion "Do".
turquoise jewelry - fashion trends 6These are just a few of the trends to watch out for heading into this Spring and Summer. But don't toss your other jewelry faves just yet – chunky pieces, chandelier earrings and cuff bracelets are all items that we'll continue to see for this season.

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