Jewelry for Your Wedding: Bridal Jewelry

On the most important day of your life, it's important that everything is just perfect, down to the last detail. Of course you'll want to look your absolute best for your special day. Bridal jewelry can do just that. It can help to compliment your dress and complete your look, while making you feel like a princess.
bridal jewelry pictures 1Many brides go for a traditional pearl necklace, but there are actually a lot of other necklace options from which to choose. Your bridal jewelry is your one chance to be extravagant and opulent, so why not take advantage and go all out?

Cubic zirconia (CZ) set against sterling silver can really help you shine in person and in pictures. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a setting for your pendant necklace. Choices include: teardrop (which is more narrow), peardrop, bezel set, brilliant cut or emerald cut. Alternatively, you can choose to go with a sparkling cluster effect, with a CZ bubble design.
bridal jewelry pictures 2If you're not into massive amounts of sparkle, you can still get a beautiful effect with diamonds by the yard, which spaces the stones every few inches on a long chain. This type of necklace can be draped and worn in multiples, if needed.

Once you've selected a necklace, there are still other baubles which may help to flatter and complete your ensemble. A delicate pair of chandelier earrings can help to pull everything together.
bridal jewelry pictures 3Make sure that your bridesmaids are taken care of as well. It is your responsibility to provide the wedding party with guidance on what type of jewelry you prefer. To make it as easy as possible, offer to purchase necklaces or bracelets for everyone as a part of their bridal party gift. This will ensure that you achieve a consistent and beautiful look on your big day.


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wow. Amazing jewelry. Some of them are terrific. I love the gown and jewelry both. said...

It is for me. I am planning to get married soon and was searching for good designs. Thank you so much.

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