Expert Advice - How to wear fashion with Jewelry

Ever wondered which items you should wear right now, which ones you should store in your jewelry box, and which ones you should part with? Well, we're here to help with some expert advice on what's hot in the world of fashion jewelry.

You should wear big, bold, chunky designs with handcrafted stones or geometric shapes. Long strands of pearls, delicate beads or multi-strand gold and sterling silver chains are also a big hit right now. For a personalized look, nameplate necklaces are still popular.

You should store vintage and hand-me-down birthstone necklaces and keepsake lockets, as these favorites never really go out of style. That's the difference between a trend and a piece with true staying power. Also keep classic short strands of pearls and beaded chokers.

You should toss stretchy chokers that have might be classified as grunge or gothic. Chunky peace sign necklaces have seen their hay day, as this look has been updated in favor of more feminine and delicate designs.

You should wear mini florals with small details for a fresh bohemian touch. Large hoop earrings have also made a comeback, and are acceptable outside of the office.

You should store small hoop earrings, lightweight feather earrings and understated pieces. They're sure to make a comeback in years to come.

You should toss earrings that drop below your collarbone, as this will never be a fashion "do", as it causes the neckline to look shorter than it is.

You should wear oversized cuffs and layers of bangles in natural fabrics and textures. A sterling silver or gold metal works with either. Watch cuffs are also one hot ticket this year.
You should store beaded stretch bracelets and basic black bangles.
You should toss spiked bracelet cuffs.

You should wear a statement cocktail ring or multi finger ring.
You should store rings that are too small or can be worn as a pendant.
You should toss rings with missing center stones. In this case, it's more cost effective to replace the whole ring.

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