Nicole Richie's Jewelry Style

Nicole Richie's Jewelry Style - Fashion!

From celebrity child to outgoing socialite to artist and designer, Nicole Richie holds many titles. She's been in the public eye for many years, and we've watched her style evolve from eccentric party girl to chic mom, all the while keeping her signature jewelry look. Nicole's effortless laid-back vibe carries through in each piece she wears.

Nicole loves accessories, whether it's headbands, scarves or sunglasses. But she does a great job at complementing her style with fun bracelets that add interest to on-the-go looks. Nicole has long been seen sporting simple thin red and black bracelet as an accent, both day and night. They add just a pop of color and can easily be imitated. Nicole is also known for piling on loads of bracelets. She isn't afraid to play with textures and materials, effortlessly mixing colored beads with black and gold chain bracelets. She uses these types of bracelets to doll up casual everyday looks.

At nighttime, Nicole's flower child persona shines through with long flowing dresses, billowy fabrics and jewelry that is uncomplicated. She's best-known for thin to medium size bangle bracelets that she wears in sets of multiples or pushes to her upper arm. She plays with color combinations and prints to evoke a worldly sense of style.

For necklaces, Nicole favors pendants like circular disc apple shapes. She also regularly wears a cut-out "H" pendant necklace as a reminder of her daughter Harlow. When she does wear beaded necklaces, the beads are small, so as not to overpower her petite frame. She knows what works on her and sticks to it.

The love child that she is, Nicole favors jewelry in materials that are organic in nature. From corded bracelets to natural wood to leather bands, she mixes and matches, throwing in gemstones and metallics to create a jewelry style that is distinctly her own.

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Hot Summer Trends said...

I think Nicole Richie will never lost in style no matter if its in dress or headband or glasses. It runs in her viens and on her family :).