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I'm not sure if florals are really a fashion trend, but one thing's for sure, they have staying power. Florals have always represented an air of femininity, grace and beauty. From the Victorian age to the flower children of the 60s and 70s, floral jewelry, especially necklaces, bracelets and earrings have been all the rage. This season the focus is on the dainty flower, the mini floral, which can be worked into any trend-setter's collection.
Floral Jewelry
Mini floral earrings are a nice touch when done in sterling silver, as they are quite versatile and can easily go from day to night. Another way to wear a pair of floral earrings is to choose a design with color. Your earrings should be fun, whimsical and youthful, so don't be afraid to add a bright pop of color to accent the setting of the metal. Pastel floral earrings are always a hit in the spring and summer months, but wear them with contrasting pieces to avoid looking overly sweet. Mini floral earrings can also be worn in a cluster setting, as they gently overlap one another.
Floral Jewelry
When looking at floral bracelets, there are many options from which to choose. A sterling silver cuff with floral cut outs can provide a modern twist on classic Victorian style. Beaded bracelets are often printed or embossed with beautiful designs of different flowers for a throwback to hippie fashion. These look best when layered and suit any outfit by drawing out the prominent color. Don't be afraid to wear several styles of bracelets on either wrist. For example, a giant floral cuff on one arm with small silver bangles and several beaded floral bracelets on the other is quite fashion forward. Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson have all been spotted wearing multiples of mini floral print jewelry.
Floral Jewelry
With all the varieties offered, this is a style statement you can't afford to pass up.

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