Top Jewelry Trends for spring

This year, spring's hit list includes smart and savvy jewelry trends that can update your closet inexpensively, albeit fashionably. Here are our top favorite jewelry must-haves to get you going:

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Florals
Jumbo blooms with quirky details are fun, fresh and fabulous. Try an oversize choker necklace in a bright color like canary yellow or hot pink. These pieces can easily take you from a day in the office to a night out on the town.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Pink
From hot pink to punch pink to pastels, this feminine color is all over the style circuit. The feminine hue looks best in bold statements like bangles and oversize necklaces. Just remember, a little pink goes a long way!

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Geometric jewels
High-impact shapes like funky triangles and boxes are all the rage this season. Try geometric bracelets that can be stacked for maximum impact. Or, embrace the look of chain link metal and choose a necklace that is outside the box. These fabulous pieces are fierce and perfect wearable art.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Prints
Paisleys, florals and global inspired prints are not just for clothing. Thankfully, these gorgeous patterns have spilled over into jewelry as well. Bangle bracelets are a great way to incorporate embroidered prints, a hint of snakeskin or exotic colors. These eye-catching pieces grab attention and are an affordable way to try out the latest fad.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Safari inspired accessories
If you can't afford to be a globetrotter, then at least you can accessorize like one! Work in vibrant fun pieces that have natural stones and earthly materials. Try jewelry made of wood, cork and leather. If you're going neutral with your outfit, make sure your jewelry adds color.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Bold choices
Looking for a way to re-invent some wardrobe favorites? Take classic pieces and pair with a daring necklace for a completely re-vamped look. Choose tops that have a simple scoop neck to let the necklace take center stage. You can find some great buys on beautiful costume jewelry right now.

Top Jewelry Trends for spring - Hoop earrings
This accessory is back in a big way. Wear small to medium size hoop earrings to work or for play. Dare to live a little with larger choices for nighttime.

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