Graphic Black and White Jewelry

There's nothing wishy-washy about black and white jewelry. It's bold, it's striking and it's a great way to create drama if you're not into color. You can easily incorporate black and white enamel jewelry into your look this spring with these easy to follow tips:

Black and White Jewelry

1) Add Just a Touch – A little black and white jewelry goes a long way. Black and white jewelry is like a bull's eye, with strong graphics and an air of elegance. Choose one signature piece like a bold necklace or bracelet.

2) Make it Effortless –Don't think about it too much. Just wear pieces in which you are comfortable. If modern resin or plastic jewelry doesn't excite you, consider Onyx.

3) Start with a Solid Foundation – If you're in all-white or neutral attire, add a black beaded necklace to instantly dress up your look. Consider gumball size beads or carved rosette beads for something a little different. If you are wearing a jewel-toned monochrome look from head to toe, then a simple black and white enamel bangle will grab attention, but not overwhelm.

4) Play dress up – Try black and white jewelry with many outfits in your closet. You might be surprised how versatile it is and how many combinations you can make. A few pieces can help to re-invent old favorites.

5) Punch it up with Patterns – For Spring, look for fun floral prints like black and white bangles. Or, for added edge, try geometric designs for nights out with the girls.

6) Play up Your Assets – Black and white jewelry does a great job at drawing the eye in to certain areas of the body. Choose areas that you'd like to highlight, such as a great collarbone, where you can sport an oversize pendant necklace. To compliment an up-do, add black stoned drop earrings for drama and glamour.

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